Thursday, October 16, 2008

Exams are crushing my daily routine. But who cares >.<
So nowadays my daily routine is, come back, eat, sleep zzz
Nothing much happen recently. Happen also no point blogging.
Tak happening larh nowadays xD xD
Another 2 weeks to go =) Then free liao. Everyday sleep also can ^^
Today finally talked to you ^^
After so long. Pass you also all look away nia. Well, I know you don't know who you are xD
Haha. That's the point xD You know merh? LOL
Anyway, addmaths was pretty hard okay! Dah larh last night couldn't sleep -.- How was I suppose to concentrate? =x =x
Today come home from school damn tired. I ate nasi kerabu, 2 days in a row xD
Then at 3pm go sleep. I lie down nia. Head damn pain. Sumore I was shivering. Don't know why.
Nothing much. Nothing much to say. Nothing much to type. Nothing much to think. Nothing much to do. Nothing at all to feel =)
"Love me. Hate me. I'm still me!"
I remember this morning in bus time, the whole journey to school I was daydreaming xD
Don't know dream bout what also -.-
The come home time..I was thinking bout a poem..
I wonder whether there is
A cure for this sickness
Well if there isn't one
Then what would be my weakness?
Being here
I feel breathless
Nights without the moon
Are like eyes filled with tears
Having a story in my life
Is like writting a lyric of a song
Even if the melody changes,
The meaning will always remain the same.

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