Sunday, October 19, 2008

Guess what? I just got back from dinner. Hmm, had dinner with my family larh -.-
But today's dinner was really fun. Normal larh if got a joker like me there xD
Haha. Gu em dou lerh?!! LOL. At home I'm a joker, outside I'm a...erm, lame as in bisu person xD Kay anyway, we were eating bak kut teh just now. Then my dad suddenly like trying damn hard to cut the meat. Then I was like, WTH are you doing Dy? He say he was trying to get rid of the terrible fat -.-
Then I was like, erm, how do you identify terrible fat? Then my mum say, the fat that he can't bite -.- I was so lame that I said, so means if you go to the toilet and can't shit then means that's a terrible toilet larh??!! LOL ROFL!!
Then when finish eat le then my dad was passing out the tissue. After he give away liao then suddenly he ask for tissue again -.- Then I was like, go to the toilet and take larh. -.-
Then I ask my mum, Mii I want tissue, no tissue arh? I use you baju to wipe arh.
Then she was like, why you didn't wear tissue izit? -.-ll SWTS! Obviously I didn't wear tissue larh xD xD She say wrong le XD

Wah, my chest damn pain. Damn difficult to breathe T.T Yang say the effect of smoking -.- I only smoked once =x =x Wakaka, not smoke cigarratte larh. Erm, just paper =x =x
Haha. My bro taught me de =x wakaka..
Damn hard to breathe, and feel damn tired to breathe T.T

Anyway, today HEMA PREYA's birthday!! Hehe. Wanna wish her A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Love her damn damn damn damn damn muchie!! MUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!! <3

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