Sunday, October 19, 2008

I have psycology problem?! LOL
Haha. Not having breakfast is normal for teenagers RIGHT? Hmm...
Is it call morning sickness to eat breakfast and vomit? Hmm..
Definately psycology problem! HEhe.

I have no mood for exams! Woo, out of a sudden. I feel like its holiday and, I don't need to study =x But, gotta face the fact that tomorrow I have Chem1 and BM1 -.-ll
Today is mass right, after receiving the Body of Christ, suddenly my eyes filled with tears, some more they were singing Remember Me, or something like that. I felt damn touch that time. The words, damn touching. Anyway, I forgot how the song goes, but it was nice. And and geh organ player, play till damn nice. Walao, the melody. Nice man! Some more that guy form 1 nia -.- Damn pro. Hehe.
After mass had cathecism. Hmm, today had children mass so cathecism started late. Brig brought me to do "guy hunting" LOL. Damn shuang man! She were like, eh lets go over there. Then I was like, erm, for what?! Then she was like, Alex's bro, Nic is there -.- Then I was like, Oh really? Then I was like, AHH! Its really him -.- Then I keep asking, how you know he's there and bla bla bla till we reached there and simply crap something near him. Haha. Then at 11 we gotta enter class d. Then walking to class time she was like, so you happy? LOL LOL
Then enter class get rm10 -.- For the inter-religious wan. Hehe.
Then right, today's topic was on the rites of confirmation. Then Uncle ask what's the procedure and all larh. Then he ask after wedding in church what happens. Then we say dinner. After dinner? We say cut cake. After cut cake? Champagne. After champagne? All diam.
Then he say take too much champagne not good cause will terus sleep -.-
Then we're like thats the point, uncle. Then he was like, NO! After champagne, you off the lights. Then what you do? Then we all say sleep -.-
Then he say NO! LOL
Then he say you consume....sumthing, I forgot the word. damn funny larh. Haha.
Okay, he ask Melissa why must you get confirm. Her answer-to get married -.-ll LOL

Okay, I know I say I won't blog that often but today's just something to remember! Yup! Hehe. Gotta write it down right. I mean, next year then no more cathecism d. So it will be all so boring and stuffs. Haiz. Confirmation cAMp!! Whoossshh, I can't wait to meet Fr Danny!! He calls me the china doll -.-ll But still I love him! Hope he remembers me!! <3
PD PD PD PD PD PD here we come!! But before interview T.T
Anyway, Sandra thinks the community service for girl's is next week -.- NO! It's on 9th Nov! No changing PLEASE! Nov will be fun ^^ Yup, after exam! Hehe

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