Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Kay, guess what..reached home at 2.30pm today -.-ll
The bus left the science students! Argh! He's soooo...........
Anyway, when waiting at bus stop, I fell asleep xD xD
Haha. Then my ex-bus-uncle stop with the van and ask me to get up. I was like, erm...it's okay =)
Dunno why..hehe
But nvm larh. Today school was kinda fun. Reach schoo, chat with CM and WS.
Then went up do nothing. EST start, she just teach way to answer, boring. I was just staring at her -.- LOL
Then I keep turning behind to talk xD That's kinda normal -.-
Then PJ, she taught bout dadah..cool, Lynn sat beside me. She was feeling freaking cold xD xD
Haha, here's the fun part. I was talking to Pavi suddenly I heard a sound, I turn and see, see see Hema was lying down on the floor xD xD LOL She fell! Actually I didn't know she fell, I was wondering why she was lying down on the floor -.-ll DUMB ME.
She fell cause her leg got stuck to the handle of her bag -.-
So then Pavi and Brigs wanted to carry up her bag. Mana tau still stuck, they go pull her leg also.
Pavi realised it and purposely pull but Brig was just BLURR xD
Next was Addmaths, well, addmaths is always fun. Hehe. He teach index then do revision. Then recess we just stay in class and do revision.
After that English, teacher was trying damn hard to teach the class but we were all so sleepy and xde semangat to study English xD
So then had Oral from Vinod, then Hem and I went toilet. Saw Gurv there. Then right...hehe...
When near stairs, at the junction, I turned and guess who I bumped into? Hehe. That was pure luck okay! Haha. Well, it was my lucky MOMENT! LOL
Okay, not gonna mention who also larh -.-
Then after that no svk. Yay!
Then Physics time. Went lab, learn bout critical angle and internal reflection. I dunno what I was doing, suddenly Sir ask me answer q. Dunno why that time I damn blurr. KC tried to help me but I was definately too blurr xD
Anyway, its the past and actually I knew how to answer the q larh!
K lets talk bout pathetic yesterday!
It was all going so well till we met that bloody HOAB -.- She make me wanna scream at her bloody face -.-ll
Anyway, she tortured Brig like hell sia! Hate her!
She's such a pantai!! Not pantai. Jauh Raja Pantai! CAPITAL LETTERS TO THAT!
That time Pavi, Renu, Brigs and I were at the library to lepak and study larh. Haiyo, then she came in with her new-ugly-hidious-jijik-ridiculous-disgusting-rubbish hairstyle -.- All of us just stare a while and continue doing our work -.- After she went out, all were talking bout her LOL
Damn damn damn damn damn damn, I've never hated sumone so freaking MUCH before man!

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