Friday, October 24, 2008

One word to describe my day. Exhaustion!
The room is so freaking cold and its freezing my veins. Blood aren't flowing that smoothly no more. I need a hug! From Gurvina, my babe! She can warm me up =) Love her to the max!
Btw, today was Bm2 and Bio3 paper. Bm2 was kinda okay. Soooo...latar tempat came out and I had a one page long crap. Haha. *I'm shivering and this sucks!
I did till tatabahasa and I was like, crap, what the shyt is cakap pindah? I turn around and ask Gin xD Then call teacher and asked her. Thank goodness she told me -.- If not I would just have left that question and moved on to something a monkey brain would know xD
Then I finished like half an hour before time ends and wanted to go to the toilet. So I went to teacher and whisper. She say no. Then I was like, huh tak boleh pergi tandas? Then she say, eh boleh, tapi cepat sikit -.- Haha.
You think I wanna cepat? I better waste my time walking and melancong around school than to sit in the class -.-
So I walk and walk and walk. Wah, third time melancong-ing around school this week xD
So habis masa and kena tegur from teacher. I don't understand why she has to tegur our class.
Then recess went to see Cik Emilia and Pn Kamales AND also Afiq -.- Hem wanted to borrow his watch but no luck cause he don't own a watch. Haha.
So then a few minutes more till exam starts. We enter class and started reading Bio! =) Don't know who remind us to read bout the light intensity so we read. Got Bio paper and poofff, the light intensity question came out! ^^
Glad that happened. So school hours was over and off to Bilik Koko for preparation of our travel to PWTC xD Travel -.-
12.30 start everything and ended up getting on the bus at nearly 3pm -.-
Yup! And the bus started moving at around 3.30 I guess?
Reached PWTC at nearly 4pm. Started rehearsel after 4pm. Finish everything at like 6pm?
Hmm...the only thing I can't forget is that I went in 'that' room with the lights off and Hem was trying to close the door. Haha. And bout Ley wan -.- He's so lame larh. Today I keep arguing with him, without a relevant topic! =)
Then in the bus had no place. Gin and I shared the ONE sit place and sat all the way back of the bus with the malays and also Richard ^^
So we chatted all the way back. From school exams till marriage and FOOD! LOL
Then the bus reached Kem PGA, and everyone wanted to get down. And I was kinda blurr 0.o Haha. But I got down and Hem's mum sent me home. Reached home at nearly 8pm. Wow! It's a record broken.
Today I realise how DEPENDANT I was.. Well, when I was in the bus I keep complaining to Gin that I was hungry. When I got home, I was wondering, why the heck did I complained? Not that she can do anything also right. Haha.
And and and..I told Tk that I don't need a reminder? Haiz. I totally forgot bout sms-ing s/sgt Benji -.-ll Just now at 9pm only I remembered! I have a monkey brain T.T
But at least I don't mate with monkeys like Gin does =x =x LOL
And and and..I forgot to sms my friend from Pahang. Haiz.
I hope tomorrow will be a way better day than today! =)
Hopes are the only thing I have now.

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