Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another history made! I woke up at 12.30pm today! How cool is that? =x
Haha. Slept at nearly 3am last night. So woke up ni, on laptop xD Then only wash up. Haha.
Then brother went out. HEAVEN! Get to use the pc to watch ANTM. Hehe. Since no astro, that's the only way larh! Then watch till like 5 sumthing. That pig say want come. So okay lorh. Then waited outside. Damn bored. Took out camera and did this.
I like this pic. Make me look so "innocent" LOL

This is nice~

So I wasted my time taking these stupid pics, thinking I was hot and cute -.- Okay, you all can criticise me cause I don't take a damn. =)
Then 6 sumthing dy suddenly Gurv call me. Oopps, I totally forgot that today had to go to Shagee's hse xD
So okay we talked.
And I got ready at 7pm. Left house at 8pm. Reach there ni, eat! =)
Nasi tomato! Cool! Delicious!
Then Angela came. So Angela, Shagee and I sat and ate together. Then at 9pm we watched one tamil movie. One part scary! Suddenly got eyes staring back at the girl x_x
Then Hem came.
Angela went home.
Then suddenly got puppy enter Shagee's house. Damn funny that time. Haha.
Can't describe it in words! =)
Really enjoyed today eventhough it was damn random..
Happy Deepavali to all Malaysians out there. Hope ya'll will be enlighten during this light festival!

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