Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hey! I'm taking back my words on coming to blog after EXAMS! =)
Exams kinda rocks. Haha. Rocks for me cause of the fact that I get to off my phone and save credit LOL. Thanks to my late reminder, I used my handphone before he told me to off it -.-
Haha. Not blaming you kay! Anyway, thanks for reminding me! Off-ed it last night at 11.30pm I guesses. Yup, it has been more than 12 hours and still adding ^^
I'm so damn proud of my deEr self! =)
Btw, exam DAYS rocks but not exam PAPERS -.-ll I think I'm so-totally-absolutely-undeniably-obviously FAILING maths -.-ll
Well, what happened was....Erm, wait, what actually happened? Hmm..
Kk, I went school, freaking out for maths. And and went in class, asked Gurv to teach me and hmm, didn't understand a bit -.-
Then then then, here comes the clean paper and a GRAPH paper. Yup, a graph paper.
Teacher ask to do a few corrections. *Corrections, a LOT of corrections.
Then 1,2,3 begin..
As I open the paper. Wow, question 1 was hard -.- Standard form. Aha. And you thought I would know what the monkey was standard form. Don't you know how monkey dumb I am? -.-
Anyway, so I typed it in the calculator and tadaa..the answers appear ^^ woo..
Then moved on to the second, third, fourth and yea I skipped the 5th, 6th and many more T.T
But hell, doing it like after the 6th question, my stomach was KILLING me -.- I don't know what was the cause of it but it was seriously damaging my brain and concentration of doing maths -.-
So yea, I scribbled all the numbers I see on the paper. Added up and subtracted a few. Then I told myself, ENOUGH! I don't wanna take a damn anymore in maths. Like what TK say, health is definately more important. So I stopped doing AFTER I finished it and off to walking =)
I walk and walk and walk and walk till I return to class knowing it hurts more -.-
I was like, damn, anyway, I'm not checking that damn pieces of paper. So I just lay my head on the table and slept off -.-
Haha. So after that was erm, recess. Yep, fun and boring recess -.-
Ate nasi lemak in class. I gave Gin the white rice and she gave me the 'chillied' rice xD At first it was all nice and okay..but as I was finishing it, it started burning my tongue -.-
Then we were suppose to be 'exposed' to the beauty of the drama state finals but it was our final exam -.- Okay, I'm totally crapping. We couldn't watch it cause the show starts at 11.15 and that was the time our BI1 paper would be sitting right in front of our very eyes -.-
So we went to the staff room and got our magazine! SHYT LARH! Damn, that magazine man! Reminds me of damn damn damn damn bad memories! SHYT!
I'm so freaking upset bout it. All those close friends, try to figure out what I'm talking bout by looking through the pictures in the mag. You will find a picture of that damn day, and that damn time! Arghh! I hate it!! =(
Anyway, moving on to BI1!! The directed essay got me so stucked up in writting it that I didn't have enough time to think of more isi for my continuous writting -.-
More than 2 pages of directed writting. WTH -.-
Then comes the continuous writting. It was fun. Yep. Wrote bout fears. Hehe. First generalisation and then off to privacy essay ^^ LOL
Every single piece of my writting has something to do with me. It will never ever not be about me. I'm the persona, I'm the main character and I'm the story ^^ Proud of it. HAha. *perasan-ing* xD

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