Thursday, October 02, 2008

Booyah! =)
My MUMMY!! =)
Here's my mum and I. After the Jogathon race =)After race, went around and take picture.
Nice flowers =)

Fountain =D
My mum =D
Winners will always remain winners =x Haha. Got number 6 =) Mabeline lagi geng! Number 3. Wah, pui fuk! =D
Back home. Fat hao =x
Btw, I wore white kay! =)
8 sumthing started race, before 9 I reach le ^^
Sweet memories too. Btw, saw nic nic nic nic nic nic!! xD xD
Okay, he's all normal now. But he still broke his leg -.-ll Pai si kia!
Haha. Okay story time. This morning woke up at 6am -.- I woke up myself okay! Then go living room, sleep again xD Then went and get ready and off to Taman Tasik Permaisuri at 7.10.
They took damn long to prepare everything -.-
That's why started late...
Walao, the route x_X Damn many steep hills! You expect us to run up merh. Si beh tired sia.
Run run run liao then suddenly saw Joanne, then we jog and walk together ^^
After a while then she damn semangat d. She ran in front of me. She number 5, I number 6 ^^ Okay what xD Still got medal xD
Then after that just sit and chill. Haiyo, I don't know what Joo Onn did to my handphone. When I want take photo then all the memory gone! GONE!! T.T
Then don't know what happen, couldn't even take pic -.-
Damn sad that time. Some more my leg start paining again. That stupid vein of mine. Haiz.
Reach home at 12pm. Then eat and slept at like 1 sumthing? 0.o
Then...argh...sien larh. THE END xD

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