Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Well, it's so definately OBVIOUS that I'm having a freaking bored holiday. So yea. Since everyone thinks I'm LAZY and not updating a PROPER long blog, so here I am updating, not stories but pictures that will probably leave some memories~ =) *SMILES*
So this first picture is all my LOVELY friends during Briggita's party on 27th September...
From left~Gurv, Angela, Venessa, Shagee, the LOVELY me and Pavi
Hema wasn't there cause she was the PHTOGRAPHER =)

2nd picture. The cutest VANESSA! And the huge-est JOKER xD LOVE HER~ *LOTSA HUGS AND KISSES TO HER* Muacks!!

See this?!! Hehe. Angela calling her Darling KY, Hema looking at her and Pavi being herself xD xD That's perfection xD

And here's the birthday gurl...BRIGGITA...

This one was taken erm...after nearly everyone went home. Vanessa took my phone and play around. See, Shagee, Hema and me!! =)

Hmm,'s me xD See the chain? Yup, it's a l.o.v.e chain xD
It has a key and a heart..
What's written on it? Well, it writes there...
"He who holds the key can open my heart"
hehe. Hema ask me to give the key to my other half xD xD Well, not found yet. Still lost =) Well, after the party, got home was kinda bored. So yea.These are one quarter of the pictures I took xD I know I'm damn perasan but...well, I don't care what ya'll think!

Well, that day I really had lotsa fun. Eventhough I didn't really like to dance but just let it go and let the music lead you rite?! Hehe. LOVE MUSIC to the max!

*Edited at 11.35pm*
Hmm, you see my previous post bout erm...sumthing rite? Hmm, yesterday leng luii say that poem damn hard to understand. He say very deep. So I ask him to go google, type out one sentence from the poem.
"And when we meet, which I'm sure we will"
Type d then search. Got one result, most of it will be bold. Click that one. Then when open got one part will have bold words, written white flag xD
Long adventure just to find where the words come from xD
Leng luii thought I created it xD
he's damn cute sia xD xD
Ever heard of coincidence? LOL That's a once in a lifetime coincidence! =)

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