Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I can't believe I use to write all these poems. Well, I kinda lost my talent and also inspiration xD
Hmm, but its nice to keep it =) Memories okay..
New Life
Have you ever felt lonely
Like life's meaningless
In a hall full of people but crying alone
Nobody just seem to care
It's easy to find a friend to laugh with
But not a friend to lend a warm shoulder when you're down
When you need to talk
Everyone seems busy
Life is always like a roller coaster
Sometimes we're up, sometimes we're down
Having faith and hope
That someone will bring us up
Yes, there's a person there for you
Angel is its name
Pray to God for a guardian angel
Your wish will be granted in a second
I gotta step up and be strong
Tomorrow is gonna be a new day
Forget about yesterday
That's the way to have new life
Well, I can't really remember why I created this poem..hmm, guess PMR time larh. Don't know from where also =)
Friends are valuable and priceless
You can't buy friendship with money
To gain honour you must first learn to honour others
To gain love you must first learn to love others
To gain success you must first learn how to fail
Get up from where you fall
Look forward, never look back
Although it seems far
Have faith and believe that you can
What you believe is what you get
What you get is what you earn
God is by your side to answer all you prayers
Granting a guardian angel by your side
To guide and to guardFrom any evil and hate
Experience every bump in your life
Where you fall is where you learn
This one, hmm..not sure also. Just felt bored I guess that time xD
You have it,
You ignore it,
You lose it,
You miss it,
It's the way life is,
You don't appreciate what you have
Remember this,
You are born because u wanna live,
Not you are living because you are born,
Everything in front of you are priceless,
Appreciate it and love it,
Never let yourself regret for what you've lost,
Appreciate it while you can,
Cos nothing last forever
This piece is when I felt that I was losing sumthing important xD

You were the star that I reached for
No matter how far you were
Reach out my hand and grab
Eventhough there were million stars in the sky
You were still the one i chose
Have you ever wonder why you were special to me
Not because you were attrctive and bright
Because of your caring and kindness
You no longer glow in my heart
You are just like all the stars in the sky
Having you was once important
But i realise that you glow no more
So I'm releasing you and setting you free
To what you were before I noticed you
Now you're free
This piece is interesting. I still remember when I did it and why.
It was last year, the moment I reached school. That time I was really sad cause of sum stupid thing. I reached school then went in class, last year before school start can enter class liao de ma. Then I just sat down in class and started writting this. I remember that time I think had PMR gerak gempur. Haha. Eventhough it was sad but it's still a memorable memory! =)

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