Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kinda bored so decided to blog. Yup, 2 days of hell passed.
Err, yea, I'm still alive xD xD
Chemistry was kinda.....erm, a sleepy paper. And EST too ^^
I was halfway asleep doing EST. I was so sleepy that tears started coming out from my eyes -.-
Today had Physics. Hmm, hard to comment larh. Was kinda easy, yet was kinda hard. Figure that out yourself xD
Hope I don't fail ba ^^
Recently, nothing nice happen T.T Life's kinda BORED. -.-
But today recess time kinda fun. Yong Sin, Vanessa, Kavi and I hung out together. And we didn't wanna discuss bout out physics paper. Damn funny. And Kavi say I talk like chicken -.-
I don't go pak-pak-pak -.-ll LOL
I remember the last of me doing Physics..was creating my OWN experiment..finding my own aim and doing my own state of relationship -.-ll Damn, I'm gonna get low marks for paper 3 T.T
And Zafran said paper 3 was easy -.-ll
Haha. Today go home time damn happy sia. Anyway, bus came late today. Reached home at 2pm.
Then watch TAR then straight sleep till 6.30. No need COOK..wooooooo!! LOL
Another 1 more day. Then Bio2 and Addmaths1 or 2?? 0.o?
Till then!
K wait...I don't understand a thing. Yea, a thing.
There's this human in my life. Last time he was erm...nice to me..then after that he found his life partner -.- and he treated me like shyt. Yea, shyt. But now, I don't know why. He's getting nicer and nicer to me. I mean, he takes care of me. Ask me what's up and all. He like damn guan sam me nia -.- But well, I'm not falling for that FYI =)
I love my life now. Dressing properly and falling for guys easily xD
But not all guys..duh, I'm not that dumb -.-
Haha. I found someone so neutral that you can't even, I don't know, convince him? LOL
But that's the difference and unique thing in him. =)

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