Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A day to REJOICE! Haha. History is DONE! LOL
Looks like my gambateh really worked out ^^
I slept at nearly 12am last night and turn on the alarm for 4.30am. Yea, I forced myself to wake up that early just to read the damn history T.T
So I woke up and started reading on chap 9. But at 5am I slept off xD Was so cold larh. Couldn't resist the sleepiness. Hehe.
So got up at 5.40am to get ready for school and all. Wow, it was a super-active morning I tell u!
After getting ready, I just took my shoe and wore it. Then then then I felt something moving in it. I thought had something like paper or the shoe string inside so I didn't care larh. After a while sitting and reading beside my mum, I couldn't stand it. I took off my shoe and slowly putting my hand in the shoe..DANG! WTH, I touched something squishy and a TAIL fell out!!!
It was still MOVING when it was on the floor. Wah, I straight jump on the sofa and kept rubbing my hands. Eew eew eew eew eew, I screamed! I threw the shoes right at the other side xD
Then my dad came in, I ask him to take the lizard out of the shoe. But he say it came out. I didn't believe so I took it and knock it on the floor. Still it wasn't coming out. I knock harder! And whhoosh, it came out. Just sitting there and not moving -.- I immediately wear my shoe and went and wash my hand for like a few times. Yucks yucks yucks! Till now I still can imagine the feel of touching the damn yucky lizard! Yucks!!!
Then bus came and off to school. Worrying bout history paper, the book was in my hand the whole time. Bus was a bit 'cacat' today. Everytime it stops, the engine just die off -.-
So we kinda reached school not at a normal time. Kinda late. Then then I got back my history text book on the day of history exam -.-ll LOL
Actually I got 2 books larh. So its okay if it was late.
So then history started. Open the paper. I was kinda blank. Before teacher say start, I ask Gin xD xD
Damn dumb larh. She say Kitab Vedha, I go write dunno what answer -.-ll
Im obviously DUMB!
So history was okay. Anyway, its now history! =) I answered 4 q instead of 3. Haha. Normal larh. Had so much time lerh.
Anyway, AGAIN today I had stomach pain during exam! Argh! This sickness is SOOO killing me -.-ll
The recess. Eat then then then. After recess was super duper fun.! It was a blast in class! I was having SO MUCH fun with Vanessa, Gin and Kavi man!
Everytime I do something stupid, VAnessa can laugh her lungs out wan xD
She's so funny. HAha.
Then that time 11.40am d. EST paper starts at 11.45pm. Then Sir was so funny lerh!
He was writting the time on the board. Before that we were all like monkeys in an open cage, jumping about, laughing out loud, screaming to the top of our voices and just fooling around. But when he turn, he got kinda shocked and say "Eh, asal dah senyap? Cepatnya korang berubah" xD xD Then dunno who say, that's us! Alfa students! =) HAha.
HAha. Then paper was handed out. And started doing the first page. First page okay. Then turn to next page, I couldn't do a single thing -.- I was like, argh, fine, I'll finish the essay first -.-
Then I started writting the essay. I knew sure not enough time so I rushed since the beginning of the first sentence. Write like more than 4 pages -.-ll
Damn long. I wrote till like the beginning of the ways to overcome then left 15 minutes d. Then 10 minutes left, teacher ask to write the last sentence. I was like, damn so fast time finish d. I simply crap my last few isi and wrote conclusion. Then left another 5 minutes I turn to the 2nd page and got stuck there -.- I simply wrote anything just to fill up those boxes xD
But okay larh. While walking down, we saw Pn Muhairene, we complained to her xD
She say time management -.-
So nvm larh. Its the past anyway. So Hem, Gin, Gurv, Brig, Lynn, Irfanah and I stayed back. For drama practice. Well, they didn't even practice -.- Just watch the state finals' drama. Richard Nixon was like a lizard -.- Haha. Damn funny larh. But it was nice. Everyone knew their weaknesses. Hmm...then we did some touch up on the props and had our drinks. And back home after that.
Tomorrow got moral and eng2 -.- None of the teachers wanna tell what's coming out for literature -.- What's in paper 2 anyway?? 0.o

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