Thursday, May 28, 2009

Worthless yet priceless

Morning went school like normal.
I reach nia all line up dy.
But I see Alfa line so little student geh @.@
I got scared =x
But after that Angela, Shagee, Uthaya, Hema and Lynn appeared. Pheww~
Then enter class. Three quarter of the class people disappeared =.=
Noob tk can't control the uncontrolable class =x
Then I emo-ly went to Sudut Nilam there and sat =x
Yesh, I admit! Em0-ly =x
Haha, Lynn thought I was angry at her =.=
No larh. Just some matters last night that was still bothering me ^^
But after that Lynn, Tk and Ky came to entertain me.
Thanks a lot you guys =)
Anyway, told you guys the magazines there were EDUCATED =x
Quizzes and Jokes pumped up my mood. Heh!
Thanks to those mags also =)
Woots, I'm a guddie good girl to my parents ^^ Proud of the result ^^
Not fake de lorh T.T
Then another stupid "emotional or stable" quiz =.=
Walao, the joke. I say dao half, can't continue dy xD I can't even SPEAK eh!! xD
Then breakfast time for me =x Biscuits ^^
I don't know why Lynn and Tk was actually shocked of something =x
Then don't know why pulled Lynn away from us T.T
Left ky, tk and me =(
Then ky left =.= Stupid ky.
Left Tk and me. Ohh, desperate moments =x
Shagee the "mother of the class" asked to start gotong-royong as early as possible.
So we started before recess.
FUN? LOL. Mana and I photographer xD Use Ija's camera. Sad, no pictures. I go snap a close shot of Angela, Bj and Ky xD Damn chun xD
Then I snap a picture of Ky jumping to sweep the fan =.=
That one, erm, how to say arh? Ballet? =x
We damn stupid! Yesh! Damn stupid!
We swept the floor then only clean the fans.
Then after that need sweep again =.=
But we had free MILO =)
Alaa, I wanted to take two de lorh T.T
Then sing k time =x
Haha, thanks to tk =.=
From recess till 12.30pm eh!! Long dao. Some more whole day didn't drink water =x

Btw, Angela's hypothesis bout me is so not accepted. Yesh, I know most of you don't know what it is.
But if you know bout it, IT IS NOT TRUE!! =P

The whole day only Tk, Ky, Angela and me in class nia =.=
Angela high dao xD High-er then me sia xD
She say the higher she gets, the smarter she is xD CUTE CUTE CUTE!!
At 12.30pm we rushed to Bio lab to gao tim our peka xD

After school went outside school wait.
KC and SY damn funny eh xD Kesian KC xD xD
Then go LM.
Lunch and movie. No further elaboration =x

Btw, I haven't ask dad bout this Saturday thingy =.=
I confirm I can go but bout the transport, I will ask first.

Willrememberthisdatealways =)

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