Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just lying there makes the world look like it's spinning way too fast.
Sometimes what you see and hear might be fake.
But when you yourself experience it, then you will know the truth.
Walking alone doesn't mean that you're ignoring nor avoiding others.
It just means that you're willing to be alone with only the guidance of God.
Willing to be tough, independent and strong hearted.
There is nothing perfect in this world.
So why waste time just to achieve perfection?
If only I can open my heart and mind,
I wouldn't be sad alone anymore.
But why? Why is it so hard to share?
Maybe it's the fear of backstabbing.
I'm confused.
Is telling the truth backstabbing?

The feeling I had when you stood next to me.
You gave me adrenaline rush everytime our eyes meet.
Heart beat faster than usual when you stand right in front of me.
My mind just go blank when you start talking to me.
You're one of a kind.
The jealousy I face everytime you speak of another.
You're definitely one of a kind.
I can't deny the fact that my feelings are unexplainable, indescribable and undeniable.

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