Saturday, May 16, 2009

He's NOT leaving!!

Samson is NOT LEAVING!! Cheers!! =)
I had a pretty nice day today ^^
Morning wake then go down, leg terseliuh =.= What a great start!
Then went back up to sleep. LOL.
Breakfast then watch Monster vs. Alien xD Funny eh. B.O.B cute. And Doctor Cockroach actually damn smart and cute and clever and attractive xD His head damn big and cute =x Owh no, I'm gila-ing over cockroach T.T wth. LOL.

Then polish, bathe and walked to Cm's house =)
Eh I x notice go your house need naik hill =.= Tiring eh =x
But your house very nice. So worth it xD
Haha. Then go BB. Wee~ Love Bible class =)
Drill time damn blurr. Nevermind. Don't wanna talk bout it xD

Went church today. Sit upstairs. Kinda shuang xD
Song sang today also damn nice xD

Happy World Nurses Day to all NURSES!


Happy World Teachers Day to all TEACHERS!!


Thank you for your service to humanity ^^

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