Thursday, May 21, 2009

Declan Galbraith!! x3

Listen to him. He's amazing xD Small kid's voice. LOL!

Hmm, exam still on. Today had erm, what we had today? 0.o Owh yea, physics 2.
Funny paper wei. I opened the paper and started doing. Did till question 6 and stopped. Then I ask myself, Eh till question 6 nia merh? 0.o I didn't realise question 7 and 8 are not choices question =.=
And there's no such thing as section C in the paper =.=
Overall okay I think 0.o
Anyway, after recess no paper dy. So we just kept ourselves MUTED =.=
We had this ROLE PLAY after recess. The theme was SCHOOLS FOR MUTES (or DUMB) Including the teacher. Leadership by examples. WTS is that? 0.o
Damn sien lorh. Can talk but I didn't have anything in my mind to speak about. Sigh. Till the bell rang.
Gin, Vanessa and I went on Uncle Dav's bus. Cause we were on our way to brig's house ^^
Went there and ate =)
I took one hour to finish my food =x =x
Then had small discussion bout something. And poof, Gin and Brigs were stripping =x
Haha, they were trying on some clothes larh. I was reading magazines and Vanessa was weight lifting =.=
I'm afraid of those dumbells! SERIOUSLY! They are scary!
Then I had to be the test subject for make up =.=
After Gin went home, Brig wanted to show vanessa how to make up. And I was the mangsa.
Then Uncle Paul sent me home ^^
Thanks for the ride! =)
And now I have a major headache. Hmm, I wanna go to bed as early as possible cause I'm feeling kinda moody now. So good luck tomorrow peeps! =)

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