Thursday, May 14, 2009


Unlucky or LUCKY?
Last night morning rain damn freaking heavy. Lightning and thunder like playing kejar-kejar =.=
Tepat 3.30am I woke up. Window opened! Arghh..I know I sure damn freaking scared dy de. So I beranikan diri go close the window T.T
I dare not look out, but ter-look. I saw some light =x Ignored it.
Then I lie down on bed back. Suddenly got lightning. Omgosh, damn bright wei! Some more my cupboard got that reflective cover. Wah, I don't know how to say.......

Morning wake dy still raining. Told mum..
"Mii, still raining eh ^^"
"So? Don't want go school??"

=.= Exam sia. Xkan don't want go school.
At 7.15am finally decided to go school =x
Reached at 7.35am. Masuk class, no chair =.=
Then go next class. There Wani also no chair. So I go Delta hunt =x That tingkat no chair =.= Go up some more.
Form 5 class all no extra chair =.=
Then go Form 6 there. Saw Pn Melati there ^^ Ask for extra chair, she say no. Walao, that time I was thinking of just sitting on the freaking floor and sit for the stupid exam =.=
Then Pn Melati ask, "Siapa xde kerusi?"
Then I say me larh =.=
Then she say, "Ahh, ambik larh kerusi sebelah meja cikgu tuh" ^^ Thanks teach!!
Finally got chair dy. Reach class, Lynn say, "Eh feli, I took your chair =.="
Haha. Before exam start I did something stupid dy =.= Shhh =x
Then exam start, moral =.= I damn malas wan do eh. Fai fai do then want sleep de. But so freaking cold eh =.=
Then I decided to go jalan-jalan. I ask Sir, "Cikgu, boleh gi tandas?"
He took up his hand I thought he want slap me =.= Then he say "silakan" @.@
Go toilet some more kena soal =.= Got some people ask me for answer =.=
Recess, nothing happened x_X
After recess. NO CHAIR AGAIN!! WTH WTH WTH!! My chair keep getting taken by people =.=
Then after standing for a LONG LONG LONG time, finally pavi say she took my chair =.=
Then Tk tell her.."You steal her chair?? She steal your Jonas then you know!" LOL! I x minat Jonas larh. so ugly =x
Then she pulangkan my chair time, the chair hit me leg, I screamed =x Very loud merh? 0.o
Then I shout at Pavi, "I hit your Jonas' leg then you know xD" Haha.
Then Mana, Irfanah, Me, Gin and tk sat at MY TABLE to study Chem xD
Ehem, got anything happen merh? Nothing marh hor xD
Btw, after recess Angela teach me how to sit pula =.= Thanks to tk =.=
Tk perasan he COW owh =.=
Eh I can't remember what to write dy. Sigh.

Anyway, in Moral paper got one q..
Apakah sumbangan or cara Malik b. Mydin menjadikan Malaysia terkenal. Or something like that.
Brigs answer damn nice..
LOL eh! xD I just left it blank x_X She really thought Malik Mydin tubuhkan kedai Mydin. =D
Chem suck =x

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