Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Still having EXAM FEVER =)
3 days passed. Glad! =)
Today History and Physics 3. History was okay I guess. I don't know why I so scared for essay part. So I go answer 4 questions =.=
Then got one question, "Nyatakan kaedah buruh China memasuki Tanah Melayu"
At first I was thinking bout Sistem Kangcu. But my brain told me that Sistem Kangcu is that pengutipan cukai at the river wan. Then suddenly Chulalongkorn came into my MIND =.=''
Like WTH??!! WTH was Chulalongkorn??!! After passing up the paper, I told Mana bout it. She laugh till like don't know what nia. She say Chulalongkorn is a Raja. WTH? LOL!
I go write don't know what kontrak x_X Haha. History "Batu!"
Btw, the whole test time that song kept going on in my stupid mind. I kept shoo-ing it away but still it don't wanna leave T.T
After recess had a few minutes for me to study Physics x_X
But too noisy, I couldn't concentrate. Thanks to some people =.= And my book was with Angela and Lynn, I SOOOO GOOOOODDD go lend it to them x_X Haha. It's okay larh.
Then I went to sit with Gila Gin and Worried Brig =.=
Then as usual, Brig tell story larh. I pun dengar ^^ Then I went and took back my book. The moment I open the book.
"OK, pelajar, simpan buku dan beg di belakan..."
Walao eh T.T I baru open book sia T.T
Late dy T.T Nevermind larh. Sigh. Mid-xam nia marh T.T
So overall okay. But kira salah T.T Concept betul larh. And carry-forward answer got marks wan right? 0.o This time another song pula in my mind x_X Argggghhh! Go away larh T.T
Anyway, came home, bathe, eat sleep. Then wake time I found something while searching for my Bio notes which until now I still can't find =.=
This is my masterpiece ^^ last year, for my leng luii ^^
As you sit in silence
Wondering why
I'll be your shoulder to cry on
Until your tears run dry
When you've been hurt
And can't believe what they've done
If you need someone to talk to
I'll be the one
If a close friend hurts you
And you don't understand
Remember I'm here
I'll lend a helping hand
Burdens are lighter when carried by two
And I just want you to know
I'm here for you!
Friends for life is what we are
Through thick and thin you were my friend
Leaning on you, you gave me support
The strength to get up and go again
If my heart was shattered, you'd heal it
If my heart was happy, we both rejoice in it
You are my best friend
Always and forever
It's been good
The best friendship ever
Never end, now and forever! =)
F - Friends till the end, is what was once spoken
O - Or is that just what you wanted to say?
R - Really, I'd be heart broken
E - Everyday, I thank God for you in every way
V - very often do I forget to say "I love you"
E - Even when I don't like it
R - Remember me when you're scared abd renenber I care about you too
N - Never take anything for granted
E - Even when there was a fight or two
V - Very lucky am I, to have you as my leng lui
E - Everyday I think about you
R - Remembring we're gonna be friends forever
E - Even if we're both scared
N - Never will I say goodbye
D - Didn't I always say, "Forever Never Ends"?
S - So please believe me when I say, "Forever Friends!"
Tomorrow Moral and Chemistry 3. Sigh, chemistry again T.T CHULALONGKORN ROCKS! =x

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