Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fall for You.

Humming it all day through. Even during exam T.T
Today is just as bad as yesterday. Sigh.
Exams are over.
High-ness in class is over.
Today saw some sweetness in class =x
Teck Kien help Shagee shout in class to let her make announcement ^^ Damn sweet =x
Anyway, this is her xD
I don't have her posing for a picture but hey, this looks nice too ^^

Happy Birthday Dearie Shagee!! =)

No further elaboration bout today. Another lonely day at home. Sigh.
Btw, today Pavi brought Apollo for me ^^
I'm super duper happy =D
Today kinda down.
Early morning kena scolding from mum. Sigh.
It has been quite some time already since I last got scolding from her.

Kay, whatever......

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