Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Days filled with crap! Yesh! The whole day I mean!
Anyway, I finally have the time to blog! =)
Tomorrow we'll be sitting for both our addmaths paper and here I am blogging and wasting time -.-
So so so..yesterday I was really really really exhausted. Whole day out. X exhausted ker??
Haha. So I slept early last night ^^
Went school in the morning and read a bit bout the two novel with the help of Mana =) We stand outside class and read xD
Then BM2 start. No comment! First question rumusan marh, I read dao damn blurr. Damn difficult to find isi -.-
Read dao half I feel like sleeping dy. LOL. I don't even know whether what I wrote was isi or not.
Wah, all the berikan maksud some more die larh. Don't know what is what. Then peribahasa time I can't think of any. I simply write words on the paper =.=
Novel question, HAHA! I don't know what to say =.=
The last one perbandingan quite easy. Konflik, wa x tau T.T

Then recess ^^ wee~ Today ate chipsmore ^^
Pavi, sorry can't reply your sms cause you're using maxis =.=
So erm, I don't mind you taking my food kay ^^ Cause you're PAVITHIRA!!! =) You should eat more!! Hehe. Love ya!! =)

After recess, Angela, Mana and I wanted to do rombongan to tandas =.=
Wanted to go out dy suddenly say the WOMB =.=
I don't know why that time I forgot his name. I go tell Angela,
Haha, I keep forgetting names =.= Don't be surprise one day I might just forget your name =x
BM novel, I forgot Hayati's tunang's name. I thought his name was Zulkifli =.= Then that Penghulu Ali also I forgot =.=
Haha, toilet trip damn nice =x In toilet keep laughing nia =x

Then got time study for EST =) I keep saying got time got time but end up x read also =.=
Go Mana there les kheng gai =x
We talked bout roller coaster and how someone died =x LOL!
Quite fun larh =)
EST started. Haha. I wanted to do essay part first. But I keep flipping the page from front to back like a sakai without even starting to write =.=
Finally decided to do the front part first. Stupid!
But that time I already started the essay part a bit =x
LOL. I don't even know what I was doing =.=
Haha. TK, I really thought you really wrote that for teacher. LOL.
Overall EST I wrote crap. Harap-harap get A xD Yesh! I wish to get A for EST, SIVICS and PJ!! Why??!!=) PM marh =x
Then my helper lerh? =x Hehe.

Anyway, today Jian fetch me back from school. Thanks Jian.
And I lied down on my bed so long but couldn't sleep =.=
Damn restless eh. Then went tt =)
Tt halfway suddenly no electricity! Wooo~ Hehe.
Then Sir stood in front of the whiteboard and keep asking..
"Ya'll can see arh??!!"
Duhh, of course our answer is NOO larh! =)
Then after a while came back dy. So continued addmaths =)
Fun as usual. So now off to dinner and addmaths ^^

Good luck peeps for tomorrow!

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