Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Exam is NEARLY over.
Tomorrow last day =) Well, for almost everyone ^^
Today wasted damn much time in school =.=
Went school feeling so so so so so sleepy.
Arhh..x payah blog larh T.T

"Sometimes I wish I were an angel,
Sometimes I wish I were you"

Btw, Pavi is still so freaking-ish-ly CUTE! >.< Omgosh, she's so cute!!!
Today KC said something to make her angry but she didn't even hear it =.=
He even repeated it for like 6 times xD

Blaahh, today in school x fun. The only fun was during exam =.=
Sir kept asking us to re-check our papers =.=

Happy Birthday EVE to MY DAI GA JIE ^^
Too bad tomorrow she going temple, x dapat celebrate in her house T.T

The reason I don't go to school on this year's Teacher's Day is because...erm, LAZY LORH =.=

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