Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kay I finally have time to BLOG!
Let's begin from the night of 22nd December. Caroling was fun til one bossy uncle joined us -.- He was TRYING to lead everyone and he FAILED terribly and somehow most of us hate him =x LOL I just follow the flow xD Kay, so skip to the third last house. So we had to take off our shoes and reveal our socks and...I was wearing my rainbow socks and all of a sudden Jonathan started calling me Mcdonald -.-ll Then I look at his legs, he wasn't wearing any socks, so I started calling him 'kaki ayam' LOL Then we were arguing from the 3rd last house till the last house, till caroling ends and till the second I went off xD After caroling was kinda very fun xD We lepak-ed at the last house, had FOOD! Then theres this small lil girl that likes to stand in front of me while I'm playing tambourine and just stare at me ^^ She came to me when I was eating and trying to steal my food! =D Then my mum took my food and feed her xD Kay, so I ate less -.- That's okay! After eating I went to the place where those f1 and below guys were sitting then we joke around like no one's bussiness, it was a blast! Okay, you might be wondering why am I hanging out with f1 guys..the answer is, cause theres no other youth there except me. Pathetic! I know! LOL
Then at 12am finally we decided to leave for home. Back home, I wasn't ready to pack xD I have no idea why, I felt like tak sampai hati want leave KL. Omgosh -.-ll So then pack till 2am and slept off.

23rd - 26th December 08

Kay we were suppose to be leaving home by 5.30 but someone slept more ... Hehe. That person would be me larh LOL Then finally we left home at 6.10am. Went to pick my grandma up at my uncle's house and off to Penang. I was so damn freaking bored on the way to Penang. I couldn't sleep but I forced myself to larh. I keep asking my mum to on the radio cause I was seriously in need of music. Then when reach Kedah, the radio channel started changing and mum have to off the radio, so I on my hp mp3. I love this tunnel man. It's below the hills!

Finally reached Penang bridge!

When we reached my grandma's house all tired ady. So we just ate something and went to sleep. Sleep till evening -.- Then had dinner and I watched tv till 12am 0.o LOL Alone eh T.T Nobody wanted to pui me -.- I slept with my aunt and my family slept in the other room. I was kicked out cause not enough space =x Haha, no larh. Then sleep le, suddenly woke up at 2am, saw the room damn bright, the whole room damn bright. Then I didn't think so much, I slept back, again woke up at 4am, again the room damn bright -.- Then slept back. Then finally woke up at 8am, the room damn dark -.- ZADOU! LOL Then woke up at 10am, ate breakfast and off to Penang Hill at 11am. Reach there at 11.30am I think. Then went in and beratur to buy ticket to go up by train. Manatau the next train is 2.45pm -.- xkan want wait. So we say, okay larh tomorrow we come early in the morning.

So since x jadi go up hill, we go SHOPPING!! We walked the whole Penang Town -.-ll I don't even know from where till where, but I know we went Komtar 0.o LOL And the other shopping centre beside it -.- We keep walking back to the same place over and over and over again -.-

Saw this somewhere but couldn't remember where.

At 3pm something finally dad say hungry and we went and ate. Then after eating we went back into the shopping mall -.-ll Then shop and shop and shop, finally we went out. Then me and mum were walking together, suddenly one foreigner came to us and said something. It was damn freaking weird. I got shocked and was like 'huh'? LOL we were talking bout it the whole time till we reached a antic shop -.- Dad wanted to LOOK AROUND -.-

Damn cool chess set man!

Then finally went to buy the Penang biscuits and went back to grandma's house. That time I was feeling damn tired. Legs were hurting and I was not feeling so well. I ate dinner and I don't know why, I terus went and sleep. Slept for about 30 minutes, had to wake up and get ready for midnight mass T.T So dad thought mass was at 10pm, we left the house at 9.20pm -.-ll Reach there only, I heard drum sound xD Mum say I have been there before but totally no memory bout it at all. So okay larh, went in and sat there for more than 1 hour. Rupa-rupanya mass starts at 10.30 -.-ll So then mass started like normal, I was feeling weaker and weaker as every second pass. By the end of the mass I couldn't even speak properly. Throat freakingly hurt, body feel damn sensitive, mouth can barely open and head spinning like crazy. So then got into car, I terus baring. On hp, got 17 msgs. Tried to reply all. And back to granma's house. Kay, this part was kinda a stupid part cause I started crying -.-ll Damn swt, a 16 year old girl crying -.- Nvm, forget it. Then the next day liao. I still feel the same. But still I try to make myself stronger than usual. I kinda slept the whole day, keep eating panadol like it's sweet -.- Then when evening time, I kinda feel better dy, I told my mum I'm feeling good and I wanted to go to the beach. So mum say okay, if I'm really feeling okay. So yay, we went to the beach.

Objective of us going to the beach was to korek siput xD The process..
The siputs caught.
And the hasil! OUR FOOD!! LOL
When we were leaving the beach, walking to our car time, I don't know why my mum and I didn't wear slippers xD We walked all the way to the car without slippers xD Damn cool xD

Kay so that night I was still feeling a little bit dizzy and all but it was okay, cause I get to use the laptop xD Then it was lights out at 12am and woke up at 5am. That morning we were suppose to leave Penang already. Aww T.T Damn sad. So we started our journey back home and we had a last pit stop at McD in Penang Island xD I have no idea why everytime we wanna leave Penang we have to stop there to buy food xD So then.. la la la..back to KL dy. I was sleeping the whole way back. Till reach home, suddenly stomach pain T.T Ran to the toilet and SCREAMED! Why? Cause I saw a dead rat in the toilet! I didn't wanna enter the toilet after that xD Then I rest a while and off to church for the last jr camp meeting. Still feeling dizzy + sore throat + saturday sickness came to friday T.T Then ate with xl. And went back home at 5 something. That time still feeling sick -.- Then at 8.30pm, Jian came and fetch me to Jes' house and we had steamboat. Thanks to the house people! And then me and hjon talk sam si xD Then finally reach home at 12.40am. =D This night I slept in my brother's room cause grandma using my room T.T

Okay, overall Penang trip was fun, but if without the sick part, it would be fantastic! Because of me and my bro being sick, going up to Penang Hill was cancelled! Damn man! T.T Anyway, I had lotsa fun there eventhough it wasn't a planned trip. Everything that happened there was kinda last minute thingy. And and and..the food..I went there and ate har mee, kari mee, ais kacang special, laksa, poh piah, lobak, mee jawa fried, sambal fried rice, homemade yee mee by aunt, kuey kak, siam laksa, charkuey teow, chee cheong fan, mee rebus, mua chi, char hor fan and siput goreng xD Did I miss anything out? Owh yea, McD xD xD

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