Saturday, December 06, 2008

Woots, I'm a boy -.-
Lolx. Yesterday cm say I don't want play dota cause not boy enough -.-
So I played! Okay, I'm boy enough! Sheesh -.-
Me and Leng Luii satu team, then Cm and Ky satu team. Wakaka, me and Leng Luii won! Nahhh! Say I not boy enough larh -.-
Haha. So I finished Konserto Terakhir last night. Erm, the ending like really unexpected de lorh. Suddenly nia -.- Slept kinda late. Morning wake kinda early for meeting. Mum sent me WITHOUT helmet xD First time lorh. She suddenly say, alarh, near nia, no need wear larh xD Damn chun =]
Then meeting start and ended. Stayed back to discuss with Sy the F&B. Walao, nowadays I feel SY like matured a lot jorh lerh. He don't talk so much fai wa dy ^^ Sumore nowadays he damn helpful =]
Then walk back. On my way home, I saw 2 huge men -.- I just look down and kept walking xD
Then when reached home, smsed lois to tell sir max to fetch me. She say sir will come at 2pm. Then I got ready by 1.15pm. See see sir came at 1.30pm 0.o Haha. Nasib baik I got ready early. If not cham lorh. Then go bb early lorh. Sit lorh 0.o
Then suddenly SC ask me and seph to cut the heart thingy xD Then sumore start parade dy. Nvm, fall in sin.
Then after parade, she ask us do again xD Go for worship like normal. Then got bible class join with chinese to say arh...I dapat tangkap like a bit a bit nia xD Damn noob T.T
Haiz..leng luii and family trap in their house T.T He say tomorrow he will be coming out dy. But his parents will be at home to guard all their belongings. Hope they will be okay larh.
After bible class, had briefing for STC and SC..
Yoorr, when I listen to the briefing I damn excited lorh. But tak dapat go T.T Sir Tan keep looking at me and smile -.- Then he ajak me come on 1st day -.- For what -.-
Then after that dismiss..and sq discussion. And then....hmm, what happen? Yang tahu tu tahu larh, yang tak tahu tu, remain tak tahu larh =x LOL
Ish ish ish ish ish T.T T.T T.T (Trying to forget bout it T.T)
Then reach home dy. Mum ask want eat what. I say want tom yum, before she leave I say want either tom yum or porridge xD

Okay wait. I'm bored of telling my daily stuffs.
I'm so so so sleepy T.T
I don't know what to write. These few days damn blank -.-
No inspiration at all. Sigh. Haiyo, damn malu. Today in meeting they go say I think I cramp the wrong toe -.- Swts larh T.T

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