Thursday, December 18, 2008

Today no story tell. Feel like a lame dude -.- Swts.

Happy day~ Family day -.-
Don't know arh. Kinda fan -.-
I keep thinking bout tomorrow. Although theres nothing going on tomorrow. Ish~
I think I totally fong dai everything liao. Moving on. Wee~ Good luck to me =D
Wth -.- What did I fong dai? -.- Laaa, Mabel! I damn jeles sia! You get to meet him, like, him standing right in front of you! Damn!
Anyway, I dont understand why am I so obsessed bout it -.- He's just a guy that has a total opposite character from me. Shyt lerh T.T
I can't wait to go Penang =D Finally dream becoming reality again!

Dam fan T.T But good also larh, cause I'm finally using my brain again -.- Urghh! I don't even know what I'm fan-ing about T.T

Dude, I tried to be nice, but you're totally bugging my damn life and controling it T.T I can't take it! I need my own space! If only you will read this -.-

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