Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm BACK from me last camp T.T =] 0.o (mix emotions xp)
Anyway, will talk bout 8th Dec first.
Morning wake at 6.15am cause cm will be coming to my house to pick me up at 7.05am =]
Got up, got ready and off to 9th Mile church. Ate breakfast there. Then joined them for a whole day of a bit of Senior Training Camp and also Survivor Camp. Sad cause I did not go. But I did not regret for what I chose! =]
So we went and bought lunch then to Tesco. Shook Chin and me went window shopping while the others were shopping for their camp food xD Fun eh! Then took off to KL. Started raining when we reach Pudu Jail. The weather was rather chilly that day =[
They had their amazing race in KL, the busiest state in Malaysia -.- I spent the whole day there. Learnt a few things. Cooperation damn important xD But looking at them suffer was kinda fun =x Don't kill me! =]
At night, around 8 something, kinda tired dy. Cause before that, a few nights all sleep kinda late and woke up kinda DAMN EARLY -.-
Then Jian sent doink and me home, then I had to pack for the next day camp. I damn blurr that time, I didn't know what to bring. Lolx. Had some conversation with the Survivor camp people =] Missed them that day. So then I went to sleep at around 12 something right? Hmm, well, I guess so...


9th DEC!!!! =D
Woke up at around 7am. Cause need to be at church by 7.30am! I woke up with blood rushing through my body! I was damn nervous yet EXCITED! Reached church, saw Brigs, Charlotte and Mabel. Brigs asked me to put my bags in the "Masih Bujang" bus xD Resemblence of the humans-slash-passengers of the bus! Woohoo...Before taking off, we had briefing and also prayers and blessings from Fr Andrew and Valentine up in the church. Then went in bus! In my gang had 6 monkeys + 1 panda xD So we took the back seats. Set off to Sunshine Camp, PD!
Frances suddenly ask me bout my last post. 0.o I say at night only chat bout it xD Then I just listen to music and fell asleep in bus =] Actually I got sleep merh? Wait, I think I didn't xD
Then bus driver drove to wrong place -.- Reversed and turn to the other road -.- Swts!
Then finally reached! Woohhhooo!! Sunshine Camp!! 0.o 0.o 0.o When they say Sunshine Camp, what we thought? Well, we thought, okay, like usual, ROOMS with AIRCOND, PERFECT TOILETS with HEATER and a COLD HALL. A ha....
Stepped into the place. Everyone went "WTH!". Sunshine camp, what else, FULL OF SUNSHINES LARH!!
So our gang took the small DORM. Had 7 double decker beds with 14 people but only 13 beds occupied 0.o One bed for all the junkfood. Man, we're funny humans! Eeww, had ants on the bed when we got there! T.T So the 'aunty' took the Ridsect thingy and sprayed. We all flee out of the dorm! Then session started, I guess 0.o Kinda forgot dy T.T
Anyhow, will just tell interesting part xp
This day had acting. Okay wait, tell you my group members sin.
1. Marc Devan.
2. Valentina.
3. Gavin.
4. John.
5. Ann
+ BM peeps..
6. Mitchell.
7. Lawrence
Acting story, from book of Matthew, the birth of Jesus.
We went beach in the evening!! =]
Marcus baptist me -.-ll But heh! I don't care cause I know how to swim! =]
He carried us and push our heads into the water larh. Used to that dy! Blekk!
Then beach there was super WEIRD! Near seaside kinda deep dy, then walk walk walk, shallow -.- Then deep again, then shallow. Weird larh. We went till damn far xD Never went that far before! =]
Then played till nearly 6pm cause need to discuss bout the acting. My leg got cut -.-
After bathe then we disscused.
Ours kinda formal. Then I suggested that we add up some spice in the act xD Ngeh ngeh. I say lets sing in the act xD As in, cut scene then sing some songs that relates to the story xD It worked! And we won first place! Booyah! =]
Was kinda, SHOCKED! We only had 6 people, and I was the narrator. So we didn't expect to win. Maybe the songs was kinda a creativity bonus? ^^
Anyway, I loved the other performances! Hehe. Especially Joachim, ALEX and Daniel Jude xD Joachim is so damn good in acting lerh!! Omgosh, he's so funny! I can't forget that scene larh! xD And and and...ALEX!!!! shhh!! xD Haha. Damn funny, Angel Gabriel was taking picture of 'sexy' Mary -.-ll Daniel Jude's funny scene was when he was born as Jesus, and all saying, "eh baby Jesus got long legs" xD And the way he cried, Omgosh, damn funny! And and and..I remember one team, about Se-an wan xD "Se-an, not sial larh" xD But they twisted the story so I kinda blurr @.@ But overall damn nice! =]
Then had BBQ~ All food already barbequed =.= So we just eat -.- Marcus sat beside me and purposely tell me that that work thingy he was doing was for us -.- So I asked him, should I thank him -.- He say no need. Then he chao-ed. Good xD Anyway, first night was the best/worst night xD
After 11pm then can enter room and sleep dy. This camp is so so so so FREE! No lights out time! Woots! Damn gila fun! So we pushed 3 beds together and 9 people cramped in 3 beds xD Only down! =] This lady, middle aged, told us ghost stories! Omgosh, her stories made me scream, cried a lil and made my bulu roma meremang! It's damn scary. She told bout mirrors. Man, i hate mirrors! Then till 3am, she wanted to sleep. So me, frances and brigs continued our own small chat. Phyllis, Christina and Mabel went up to sleep. Then suddenly i dooooozzzeedd off xD But I could still hear what they were talking except I don't get what they said. They keep calling my name and I keep answering and falling back asleep xD Then suddenly received sms at 4.02am -.- Woke up, replied and went back to sleep xD till like erm, 6.20am. Everyone's alarm keep ringing. Rachel wan nice. Ngoi but gao song ^^
So we woke up and wash up. Get ready for YOGA! -.-
Yoga led by Brother David. He learnt for 9 months dy. At first all okay okay. But after that, all kinda hard dy. His body DAMN flexible lerh! Ish ish ish..
Then had breakfast. Jump to another acting of the parables. Any from the bible..wait, I can't remember the sequence. But the one acted by the facillitaters was kinda cool. Simple, nice and unique >.<
Then had games. First game was that water balloon thingy, kinda lame -.-
But our group won ^^
Then had that mud+clips game. Something stupid happened. They tore my baju T.T We lost larh, OBVIOUSLY! T.T
Then was that erm...bringing the balloon with cheek wan. We won! =]
Then I suddenly feel like pengsan-ing -.- Ask for gula from aunty Fiona. She ask me nak gula nak masak apa xD Fr Danny also like blurred xD Then I say gula-gula. xD
Then x dpt makan cause went into finals, so go for last game. Run and take ping pong ball out of the tepung on Gavin's stomach 0.o Then run again to take the ping pong ball out of the water. Woots, my group won agaisnt Richard's team! Wahahaha! Then went to beach again. This time kinda scary cause Brother David say got JELLYFISH! Everyone freaked out -.- But it was nice to freak out xD Crabs bit me -.- And we kumpul-ed seaweeds to make seaweed ball >.<
Ehem, hehehehehehehe...I don't know what's wrong with me -.-
The couple got BUSTED! Ngeh ngeh ngeh~
Me, frances, brigs and charlotte were among the last humans to get out of the beach and guess what?! NO WATER in bathroom!! Damn. So what we did? the washroom had a big part for sinks, toilets part and also bathing part. Bathroom part no water, we kumpul-ed water from toilet part in pail, after 1 pail, no more water. Then we had no choice but to bathe at the sink part. There only got water. So we kumpul-ed, ehem, and we bathe in front of each other. And the door can't lock -.-ll LOL Then after that, the boys pula use our washroom -.-
Mabel say Brother David looked sexy then he go close our dorm's door xD He malu >.<
Then we had dinner and suppose to have mass but canceled. So back to sessions of silence. Nice time. Then watched a movie.
I was falling asleep at the beginning of the movie lerh!! Sumore we were sitting right under the fan, it was freezing cold! Lucky I wore long sleeves xD But after a while I wasn't sleepy anymore cause the food and drinks came in front of me xD Fr was kinda pissed 0.o He went home early to rest and left us there continue watching the movie. Then around 12.30am we went into our rooms. Omgosh, we were praising Alex like gila xD xD Sandra also say his eyes is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!! Hehe. But all say tak ngam cause they taller than him! Woots, he's taller than me! Walala xD This night I slept up with Mabel and Christina! =] Before going to sleep we wrote all the letters we were suppose to write. I didn't write for all larh. SORRY! I was too sleepy to write dy. So I stopped after half. All my letters got "God bless! =)
so now you know larh kay! Love ya'll lots!
I korek-ed Mabel's secret! Woots! Then before 3am, I slept =]
Then next morning, woken up by brig's JB's song -.- damn annoying lerh! Now I hate it. Burning up -.- All got ready for yoga again. Wah, I woke up with more cuts under my feet -.-
Yoga was hard! Really, I don't know why my body damn stiff that morning. Then had breakfast, another session, then mass. Got explanation all. Kinda sleepy during mass but beared with it. Mass finished and lunch time!! Packed up, ate lunch and bathe! Finally! xD Then had another session bout the gifts of Holy Spirit. Some explanation. And Marc gave me a Xmas present 0.o The prize he got was a pink purse -.-ll So he gave it to me. After that had photo session and photo with FR DANNY!! Hehe. Will upload soon. Then balik! =]
Naik bus, damn lotsa stories xD Haha. Rmmbr go Sandra's house xD She only ajak us go there to SEE. LOLx.

Memories to be brought home!
-Brig's stalker.
-Alex's cuteness!
-Joachim's cuteness!
-Rachel's friendliness!
-Richard's lawyer hair xD
-Gossiping in the sea.
-Angeline's ghost stories.
-Marcus' baptism -.-
-Fr Danny's sweetness >.<
-Mabel's kepecahan rahsia xD
-Charlotte's companian.
-Valentina's cooperation.
-Marc's caring and also sitting beside him -.- and his xmas present >.<
-George's muscle xD
-Francesca's jokes! You rock = kau batu xD You're hot = kau panas -.-ll
-Gavin's stomach and sleeps? 0.o
-Royston's kacau-ness -.-
-Sandra hearing our gossip and saying it out loud -.- LOL
-3 boys 1 girl, ehem =x
-1 guy, 1 gal =x =x Dark dark, sit next to each other xD
-Sleepless night.
-Movies with ehem scene.
-Alex sleeping on Jason like as though he is his mum. AWWW!! He's so cute =x

I guess theres really too many memories to remember. Last camp for the year? Yep T.T
Last time to share beds? NEVER! =]
Sleeping beside them is the warmest thing I've ever done! =]
This time with ABCCFFM =D
Just being myself in front of them >.<>
Gonna miss the bed we slept on together, gonna miss the night talks, gonna miss the moments we spent together, gonna miss the jokes we shared, gonna miss everything! T.T
Anyhow, we'll still be together!

Woots! Memory picture! Guess who~~~?
Meeee and ALEX!!!

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