Wednesday, December 03, 2008

So here I am, closing half of my eyes and doing this. Why do I wanna do this? Simple. I want the world to know what I did. Pathetic freak. I know. But I don't care!

Btw, I'm starting to hate FFKs a.k.a aeroplane puter -.- Urgh..
I can't believe that just happen. It's so so so disapointing. Like they said, they're last minute people! I mean, if you can't then why not tell earlier? You don't have to tell like a few minutes before we took off okay! Enough of that. It just makes me damn pissed off!

So lets just begin my story with today, 3rd Dec 08.
Today is my beloved FRANCESCA's birthday! Yup. She's one of my oldest friend. As in a friend I knew from young. Memories still fresh! The times we use to hang out every Sunday evening in church xD We use to play in the playground, and also her scooter! =] I still remember that! Yup.
Awwww, I hope you're reading this babe! I love you so very much! I hope our friendship would last FOREVER! I love your shorts btw xD You always own all those nice shorts and also CHOCOLATES! Remember our last one? KISSES! Anyway, just wanna wish you

Happy Birthday
God Bless Ya!!

Today, we (Angela, Ky, Gurv, Harin, Hema, Vanessa and I) planned to have a movie marathon. Chaos happened yesterday night. Don't wanna talk bout it. And finally everything was agreed. Btw, I read Konserto Terakhir til Chapter 12 already! And finally I slept at 1 something. Cool? LOL And guess what. I was waken up at 7am or is it 7.15? Not sure. Then I say want sleep back. And I slept back. And woken up again at 8.15am. But I was so very the malas to get up so I just lie down on my bed xD After that I was trying to remember where was Angela's house. But I can't remember at all. So I called up Gurv and told her that I was going to her house instead. So I got ready and off to her house at 9.30am! =]
So she served me breakfast...A piece of birthday cake, a cup of tea and she also made chapati for me ^^ Thanks darling! Then she went and bathe and I lepak-ed in her room. We waited for Harin and off to Angela's house. Then we waited again for ky -.-
After a few minutes, the 2 cars were off to Leisure Mall. Reach there ni, all blurr..don't know want do what. Then we discuss larh. So finally decided to sms a few peeps. And bought the tickets for Twilight. Went to Memory Lane cause they wanted to buy some stuffs. And ate A&W. I don't know why, but I ate again xD This time for lunch larh! Burger Deluxe and Rootbeer! =]
After a while, went in cinema. Watched Twilight. Did I sleep in the movie? Well, I think so xD Haha. It was kinda boring. I think I did cause I don't remember watching a few scenes xD But I really love the way they played baseball. It really amazed me! =]
Movie finished. Came out. Hema and Vanessa arrived. Went Popular. And went in for Madagascar II. I really really enjoyed Madagascar! Seriously! I find it exciting when Melman nearly fell off the volcano when dumb Gloria(which laughs like Vanessa) go fall and crack the ground. The grandma is so funny xD I just love the whole movie! Thank God I watched it! =]
After the movie, went McD to buy ice-cream! And went to Gurv's house again. I just lepak there larh. Nothing to do also at home. Then at 6.30pm, her mum sent me home. Suddenly my body feel so hot, so I took a bathe and wanted to sleep. But then feel hungry at the same time. So I decided to eat first and now I'm not feeling sleepy. Grats -.- But I'm still gonna sleep though ^^

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