Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Peeps! I'm going for Confirmation Camp!

Scream and shout!

Lolx. I want it to be a blast kay! So lets break all the rules =x
1. Wear very short shorts.
2. Don't sleep at night.
3. Lepak at the beach for as long as possible =x
4. Fall asleep during sessions.
5. Sms during sessions.
6. Disobey the time table.
8. Be good to Fr Danny 0.o
9. No fighthing and arguing between boys and girls.
10. Be Ourselves xD

So that's practically what we should do if we wanna make it a blast. One more thing. You know usually they don't let a girl and a boy to hang out late at night together right. Lets choose one guy and purposely walk in front of Sandra in a pair xD She'll go crazy man! Wakaka.
Okay larh, we're not that crazy. Doing all those stuffs might just get our names deleted and erased from the Able-to-be-confirmed list! So we will all be the goody-good humans there. No rules breaking. But number 2, 4 and 10 surely will be broken xD
I can't wait for the camp! =) This will be the last organized camp for our batch.
I heard there will be cries in it. Hopefully I don't cry xD I hope we can share beds and rooms like last time ^^

Final thing to do..let's go shop for dress together! I know we all will love it damn much! =)

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