Sunday, December 07, 2008

1.35am =]
Why am I here? I don't know. Just wanna blog what just happened.

1. He told me something.
2. I felt something.
3. I wanted to make something better.
4. He misunderstood.
5. He sucks.
6. I'm hurt.
7. He apologises.
8. Unforgiven.
9. I broke down.
10. I think I'm a FOOL!

Lynn, slap me! Talk to me. Say how much you hate him. Make me realise that what I'm doing and going through is so totally wrong. I'm a jerk to like a jerk aite? Sigh. Tell me all the bad characters in him. Make me hate him as much as you do. I'm a jerk.

Piggie Joel, I'm sorry I did not follow your advice T.T I found the trouble myself. I couldn't stay away like what you told me to. I know, I'm a fool. I dragged myself into the darkness when I can have daylight in front of my eyes.

Omgosh, I was really a fool. I was so damn happy with just being alone all these while and I had to ruin it. Shyt me. I'm still going back to my normal days. Ignoring everyone =x Like what I did these few days and only replying you =x You know who you are. So just keep me as happy as before kay. I really didn't wanna feel emo. And my head still hurts as I write this blog. I told you I'm gonna sleep but I lied. I'm sorry.

Sorry doesn't cure anything huh? Like what yang said when he was angry, he can write a thousand sorry on his wall, and none of it actually mean a thing. Now I understand what it feels like. You just say sorry but you don't even mean it.

Hema, I can't do what you say. Living like this hurts a lot. I wanna try to let go of it. Once and for all. His tactic of hurting me back doesn't work. I have no idea why. Tell me a way to let go of it. I'm suffering now. That day that thing that happened to you, now it's happening to me.

Why do people even need to tell me. Cm, by telling me that you gave me hope, and then you dragged me down. I'm not blaming you, just blaming my foolish self and my foolish heart.

These few days was really perfect. Really really perfect. I don't know why you have to ruin it. Anyway, good luck guys in the camp. Since we won't be meeting. Have fun! =']

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