Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ooh la la xD
So heres the story for today. I woke up realising I haven't wish Yang -.- Haha. K skip all that. 4.30pm, I called Sy, he ask me go church. So I went. Kay, wait, skipped too far. Before I called Sy, I called Brig! Argh!! She told me that her life was a bit of kelam kabut xD It was funny how she describe it xD And she halau-ed her younger sis away from where she was sitting, but she shouted my name 0.o LOL Then we chatted and chatted and chatted xD Ish, she keep telling me she's gonna meet Nic when she goes to Terrance's house T.T So then she say she will help me get his handphone number xD I was jumping for joy 0.o Typical teenage obsession -.-
Kay then went to church. Discussed bout F&B. Then on the way to KFL, stopped at my house. Yang wanted to go toilet -.- Then he complained bout me to my mum -.- Then Fong chatted with my mum. Omgosh -.- Then ate dinner..
Came back online..
Suddenly sms alert!! Nicholas Tay! xD xD Save contact? YESH YESH YESH! xD Omgosh, thanks to muchie to Briggie!! =D
But then...I was so scared, so freaking scared to even look at the number. After saving it, I just left it there. Then at night Brig called again. =D
She told me what happen. How Mabeline screamed cause I was so freaking lucky to be shorter than Alex xD xD Oh yeah, I'm lucky! Haha. Brig say Francesca say that she didn't know I was serious bout all these obsession xD It's just an obsession okay~ It won't last long. Well, it lasted for 3 years already. Yup! =] Only Brigs knew bout it xD And now the whole world knows bout it. -.- Well, I don't care! Wee~ Finally I have an obsession. Just that my obsession is kinda reality, not virtual =D
Oh yeah a ha oh yeah! xD Anyway, damn swts larh me -.- Berani cakap tapi tak berani buat -.-
Brigs! Help me!
Anyway, forget bout it, I don't have the balls guts -.- Swts, Fr Danny words ringing in my mind xD Anyway, thanks brigs for brightening up my day man! Just one call! xD I mean 2 larh. One I call you, another one you called me xD
Remember the times when we use to say "wow" when he pass us? LOL Miss those times where we get to spy on him xD Anyway, thanks to Suzanne for helping getting this obsession! She's the one that started all this when I was in Form2 -.- Thanks so much -.-

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