Friday, December 05, 2008

I'm so chimpanzee-ly bored!

Lolx. So I decided to blog. Since I got nothing better to do. Whoosh, nearly finish Konserto Terakhir. One more chapter to go! Today my dad left to Bali T.T Am I sad? Am I gonna miss him? Sigh. I don't know why I'm missing him. Yesterday night I was thinking whether I should wake up in the morning to say bye to him or not. And weirdly I think I will be damn pai seh to wish him goodbye @.@ LOL.
Automatic alarm woke me up in the morning at 6.09am 0.o Haha. Just feel like getting up larh. Then my dad keep asking me whether he should bring his sport shoes or not -.-
He left some Toblerone chocolate xD In the end, before he step out of the house I wished him byebye xD Then he replied bye xD xD Then after that I had to lock all the doors and continuing sleeping >.<
Actually I wanted to go to the dentist today. But I was too malas to get my butt off the bed so tak jadi go. Mum went Pudu Market and to clinic.
She's not sick, just went for blood pressure test. Actually today nothing happen also larh. So lets talk bout something general larh.

These few days don't know what's wrong. I think theres nothing wrong but many think theres something wrong. Well, what's wrong if theres something wrong? Okay, suddenly this reminds me of 'something rong'. A guy -.- Brig's crush =x Anyway, so what's wrong? I don't know. You don't tell me, how will I know? -.-

Geez, I'm making everyone confuse @.@ Even myself 0.o Lolx. That's what I do best xD

Btw, finally I'm attached back to the tv ^^ Watch Wanted : Son-in-law. Nice show. Funny =] I hate my labby! Recently always lag like don't know what ni. Aiyo, sunday got presentation -.- I bet I'll be the one in front presenting larh. Since they so semangat want to do the board thingy -.- Oh, what so ever!

4 more days to go!

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