Friday, December 19, 2008

A day out!
Receiving an sms even before my pig mode was off! T.T The msg was, "Awk nak roti canai ker?" ROFL!
Then I replied, "Leh gk, 1 ckup arh." xD Then I continued my beauty sleep.
The next thing I know, mum was in my room @.@ She was asking me bout the new house. I was so blurr, I didn't know what she said and just "ahh, ahh" (agreeing to something)
Then finally woke up at 9am. Gosh, my alarm clock is getting on my nerves! I hate the sound of it! So then got ready and all and off to Mana's house at 10am. Reach there, ate breakfast, as mentioned above, roti canai + syrup + CHEESE CAKE! After breakfast, we head off to the nearest bus stop and waited for bus. After 10mins, the bus came. We were chatting the whole journey bout her KRS camp. Damn funny wei. They got a task to catch ikan keli with their bare hands. She saw the helpers tepis the ikan so that the rest can catch it easier. She didn't know, she go tepis the ikan also, then the ikan flew to the other side of the pond xD Damn funny the way she describe xD Then finally reach kajang dy. Then go Metro Kjg jalan first. So we enter, she say go one by one floor. She say want buy bag, so okay larh, we go hunt for bag first. Then we go one gerai in middle geh, we marh find find find lorh the bag, see got ngam taste or not. Then sudd then salesgirl came to us then go touch touch the bag and said "chao chao chao (find), pokai larh". WTH!!! We just walk away. Damn her man! We just see see nia -.- Then don't care larh, we continue jalan -.- I was hunting for that shorts I wanted. But all damn expensive -.- My main hunt for today was..
-2 more present for games.
-present worth more than rm10.
-family presents.
But Metro kajang was kinda too boring. So we decided to go to C'Ziplee bookstore. We enter ony, straight go up, lupa take basket -.- Haha. Then go back down, buy stationaries first. Then suddenly saw something damn cute ^^
Then went up and Mana search for her school buku latihan, I just stood one place cause leg damn tired dy T.T Then finally got out of bookstore. Damn hungry dy T.T Saw McD..terus masuk! We were lacking of $$ that time. So we decided to eat the same thing.
One beef burger..
One pie..
So we pay half half. Easy count!
Omgosh, McD! Always got things happen wan xD
Our cashier was one guy larh. Before our turn, Mana was praising him like dunno what ni cause of his speed -.- Then sampai my turn, the guy ask me "Take away or SERVE here?" Then I was like "huh? Owh, here here." xD
Then the price was rm9.45. I asked him if he wanted syilling. He gave me CHILLY! Swts!
Then he say wait at side. Okay lorh. Wait lorh. Then the man before us say want add another pie. So he need to buy again. Then the cashier help him larh, just type new one marh. One pie is RM2 marh right? With tax is RM2.10. The man gave RM5. Then the cashier asked, "It's two ringgit one cent. Do you have one cent?" I suddenly got STUNNED! I was like, HUH?? I keep huh-ing over there xD xD RM2.10 is two ringgit and one cent?!!! ROFL MAN! xD xD
Omgosh, it's so damn funny lerh! BUT don't go there geh McD larh, kinda dirty -.- Got flies -.- EEEWWW, DOUBLE EEWW!!
After eating we continued walking. Man, my legs hurts like hell T.T Then we went living cabin, and I realised I've been there before. Twice some more -.- LOL Then went to one gift shop, there kinda nice. But some kinda expensive so I only bought one special thing there. =D

Overall for today..damn tired, damn sleepy, legs hurt badly T.T But had lotsa fun today! =D
And now I'm OFFICIALLY BROKE! Wee~ No more yam cha-ing T.T
Gonna have caroling practice in half an hour time T.T Where's my DINNER?


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