Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another day wasted, but it doesn't matter. I still have 2 weeks to waste =D

Currently ;


Nickelback's songs


Nan ren nv ren

What a Girl should ask for..
Nan ren nan ren duo xi wang ni shi hao ren
Duo xi wang yong ni de zhen rang wo bu bi zai xin teng


What a Guy should reply..
Nv ren nv ren wo da ying zuo ge hao ren
Wo da ying yong wo yi sheng lai huan ni de kuai le yi sheng

Today brig called me up to check on me. Ngeh Ngeh =p Just to get another dissapointment T.T Haihs. I'm so damn sat pai man. All of them gave me a 'gambateh' and I let them down. Aiyo, I think we just gotta forget bout it larh =D Alex is okay~~~ LOL *Trying to change story* xD
So yea, I will gambateh, but in like 4 years from now xD
Btw, knee hurts more than ever before. Sucks man T.T Walk one step up pun susah -.-
But that's not gonna stop me from going hang gai tomorrow =D
After a long time, going out with Manarina again! Wee~ The most suitable shopping partner I've ever had! And and and..I'll be singgah-ing at her house in the morning =D
After tomorrow will be quite busy. Schedule fully packed..
Let's see..
Friday : Morning going out with Manarina. 7.30pm practice T.T
Saturday : Going early to church for song practice -.- 3pm - 4.30pm. Then PICs briefing. Then I have no idea how I'm bringing Sheryl there. Swts, I haven't call Hema -.- Will be at the party till it finishes. Yay, get to skip caroling practice =x =x
Sunday : Morning confession + church, then Syahiza's sister's kenduri, then meeting, then caroling @.@
Monday : Morning go buy the FnB stuffs. Then rest xD Then got caroling again! Then pack bag!!
Tuesday : Off to Penang!!!!!
Friday : Come back. Dad work, mum dentist appointment. Wa buat apa?! T.T
Saturday : Start Jr camp 08! =D
Monday : End of Jr camp 08! =D

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