Friday, December 12, 2008


Vril drew for me! Love ya, cutie pie~ x3 x3
La la below xD
Mua in pink!
In camp! In dorm! In my heart always! Me mabelpanda! x3
Muaxie!! Me Francesca! You BATU!! Weeee~
Me gifts from the CAMP!
See see! Got spongebob!! =]
Me favourite one!
Scary arh? Me eyes eh xD Random picture...
This is what CM did. He say he malu to put "cm love feli" so he wrote upside down! Love you DEER! xD
Typical Fr Danny with Brigs and me! Muahaha...
Me medicine T.T

That's all pictures for now! =D

Woke up early cause wanted to go see doctor but mum forgot me and went without me -.-
So I slept back and woke up at 11am =D
Then mum say dad will take me there in the evening or afternoon. Yup, finally I'm going to see the doctor.
So then I ate my open-ed koko krunch, I'm suppose to do the opening ceremony okay, since I'm the one that bought it. But it's okay larh, duh, since it's already open -.-
Then went online and discussed bout song practice. Don't know what to say dy.
Then at 1pm got ready and went out at 2.15pm. Went for lunch in suntex first. Then to clinic. I was super duper sleepy when I reach there. I took number and then fell asleep on the waiting chair. Waited for like more than half an hour, suddenly dad woke me up and say my turn 0.o I was super blurr, everyone were looking at me! Excuse me! I'm tired okay! xD xD Then went in and sat next to the doctor. He just stare at me, and I stared back. Aiyo, he didn't ask anything also. I had to speak -.- So then I told him bla bla bla..then he wrote down what medicine he wanna give and say "NO ROLLER FOR NOW!" LOL. Cause I told him I got hurt when I fell during roller xD Then he ask me "You like spicy food a lot is it?" I was surprised he knew 0.o Then I ask him bout my Saturday sickness. He ask me to cut down on spicy food T.T I can't eat too much spicy food dy T.T He say I got sign of getting gastric T.T That's the reason I hate seeing doctor -.- Surely got some stupid sickness wan T.T Then he gave me the papers and I went out. Then dad's turn. I didn't know must go take another number to take medicine, so I just sat there and waited for dad -.- Then dad go take blood pressure all those. I still waited -.- Then dad ask go take number to take medicine -.- Damn dumb larh. Sumore need to wait -.- So for now I need to take medicine after every meal T.T *cries* I hope I get well T.T If not, no more athletic movements and physical training. Man, I'm gonna miss it T.T
The doctor's name is Mr. Moorthy xD

After clinic, came home to take cheque then went out again. Teman dad go see the arkitek! Then pay and bla bla bla..Then went yam cha with dad. Wow! First time xD Go Tanjung Corner, dad ordered chapati, ish, I wanted tosai T.T Nvm. Then went home. Mum was back, so I told her what the doctor said.

Damn, need to take all those shitty medicine T.T But need to eat 1 type ni. Others is apply de. Thank God! I hope I don't kena gastric! =D

That's all for today I guess.

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