Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Genes rock!

What a wonderful monday -.- Woke up VERY early to get ready for something I shouldn't be doing yet I'm doing xD JOGGING~
We went to Taman Len Sen there, I didn't know there had a park @.@
Then at first cm and I followed behind Yang wan....but..after a while we lost Yang and we sesat-ed -.-ll But we got back on track later on xD
So then we ran, and walk, and ran..a couple of rounds around the park. And then my stomach started to feel pain and cm's leg started becoming stiff. LOL
And that time Fui stopped, Yang stopped, eventually all stopped xD Then after a while then balik dy.
Not balik larh. We went Alam Jaya geh mamak there to eat. Suddenly all complain stomach pain -.- Cm went there geh toilet xD Yang say want send me home -.- Nvm. They ate, I tapau-ed.
Reach home dy I ate my breakfast, took the medicine and online~ Hehe. My stomach was hurting like dunno what ni, so I put fong yao. After a while staring at the pc, I fell asleep. Until Seph call. Haiyak, kacau my sleep nia. But good also larh cause that time already 11 something, need to get ready for meeting. So I go and bathe, cold water some more. The next thing I know, my stomach was burning -.-ll I didn't know fong yao + cold water = hot + burn! LOL
Then finally went to church, meeting as usual, I mean not that usual, cause it was just 4 people and everyone just talk like normal. Anyway, when we went and buy those present time, my dad called and scream at my ears -.-ll Then went back church I call him to pick me up at 2pm, he scream AGAIN! Arghh! So I went home before 1.50pm -.-
Went home dy, heat up the porridge and oh -.- I have to bring in the clothes and fold it. I was kinda pissed off that time, I don't know why the hanger suddenly hit my lips and my lips hit my teeth -.- STUPIAK! Then finally went out.
OFF TO KL!~ Wee~
Okay, so the journey was long. Will shorten it. Reach kl, went sg wang, wanted to go toilet, because sg wang's toilet need to pay money, so we walked all the way to ts just for the toilet -.-
Then went back to sg wang and went to parkson. Dad wasted A LOT of time changing his bonuslink card points into voucher -.-
Kk, this is the stupid part..we went and see towels kay, so I was picking and choosing and having fun there..
K then..
Dad : Eh faster pick larh.
Me : Okay okay, I want this pink color one.
Dad : Huh? Cannot. I'm buying for me and mummy only. You're not even in the picture.
Me : SHYT!

So that's what STUPID happened there. Damn lerh. It's not even for me. Why would I wanna choose -.-ll Btw, the promoter there is so so so GAYISH!
Then after he purchased those towel. I finally get to go see my stuffs. Kay, its full of stupid things so I don't wanna blog it down. -.- Day sucks -.-
Then finally we went out of parkson and went to watson and then to guardian -.- Then dad bought a pink bottle for me! =] PINK rocks!
Then by 6pm we left sg wang. In car time damn freaking sien. The car can't even move! Jam gila in kl -.- And the aircond was so freaking cold -.- So since I did not buy anything I want in sg wang, I told my dad I wanna stop by at McD. So he said okay~
We stop at McD~~~
And we ordered, 2 ice-cream cones, 1 banana pie and 1 apple pie. Guess what?! The guy there counted 1 pie rm2, so means 2 pies rm4. WTH -.- So dad went down of car and spoke to the superviser xD Then got back MY rm1!! LOL
I belanja-ed dad an ice-cream okay!
Wee~ The pies!! Then got back and I told dad that I was too tired to go for confession so dad say can go other day in other church. Aha, oh yeah! =]
Wee~ I kinda like this picture.
Reasons. Cause I look very similar to my cousins at my dad's side. Nearly all of them. And I miss them so very much. It has been years since the last incident happened and all of us lost contact. Sigh. I hope one day, during CNY we can all have fun and meet up with each other again T.T Miss ya'll so very much.
Yea, all boys. I'm the only tomboy-ish girl there xD

Anyway, finally I updated my blog on monday. Spent like almost 2 hours fixing my damn blog -.-

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