Sunday, December 14, 2008

I hate my blogskin!

Anyway, 13th Dec was a nice day~ Mm hmm..real long and nice ^^
Early in the morning woke up real early for breakfast. I automatically woke up at 8am 0.o
Ate breakfast and got ready for meeting. Meeting went on like normal and the same goes for song practice but song practice started rather late..
After that, had lunch with dad opposite church. Back home and got ready for BB. Last minute get to know I'm incharge of flag -.- Sumore that time I was kinda late dy xD Went in car, then lupa my shoes -.- Typical me. I know.
Then parade like normal. P&W was kinda superb ^^ Cool. Then combine bible class with mandarin de. I was trying damn freaking hard to understand the words that were coming out from pastor's mouth xD TRYING eh! At least I tried okay! Squad discussion. No comment =x Then change and started physical training. Hehe. I did physical training! =x Who cares...wee~ Only I can understand this dumb statement xD Then was kinda rushing back to go for mass. Bathe then straight go =]
Then mass started. I was kinda dooooozzzziiinnnggg off during serment -.- LOL But at least I discipline myself to stay awake and listen to it larh kay! Finish mass, went Damai Perdana to take something from somewhere 0.o Then went dinner somewhere there with parents. Wee~ I was damn semangat that night. I talked like no ones business. Seriously. Until I kena asked to shut up by dad T.T Cause I forgot to eat, so he kinda scold me xD First time lorh ^^ My talking skill UPGRADED! Wee~
Then parents sent me to McD for yc. Ate McFeli McFlurry and drank coke. Walao, the coke damn a lot gas -.- After drink, my stomach damn gila banyak gas -.- Then I suggested go Jes' house. So all go Jes' house. Me, Jian, Hui Min and Chee Wah. We go there lepak xD Then see Doink geh school magazine xD Then around 12.30am we balik luu. Cause Hm's mum got no key to masuk rumah -.- That time Jian damn sleepy -.- He keep saying he want sleep. Then when got red light he say, "Okay, okay, I sleep a while arh" -.-ll Damn scary lorh! Finally reach home at 1am. Then went online. Wee~ Had this looooonnnggg conversation with the 2 buddies. Talked bout damn many things. Talked till 3am xD Then finally all agreed to off xD Then went in room. Some more sms xD Then finally slept around 3.30am.

----------End of 13th Dec 2008----------

Wee~ My handphone now when type got that 'click, click' sound xD So cute =] Don't know I put it also -.-
Starting my new career as an observer ^^ Learning from the noobs pros xD Hope I'll be another pro by January 09 xD
I'm still missing camp T.T
Under medication sucks T.T Hope I'll get over it soon.

Hmm, I'm kinda OVER being so negative. I live my life to the fullest nowadays. Well, I'm happy the way I am now! ^^ Thanks to buddies around me. Thanks a lot =]

"A friend in need is a friend indeed"
Understand this verse? I guess I do. When a friend comes to you when they're down or is in trouble, those are the real friends. Why? Because normally they go to people they can turn to and just spill everything out. So don't complain bout friends that come to you and tell you all their problems but appreciate them instead! =]

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