Thursday, July 09, 2009

Read it again x_X
Sakai betul larh budak nihhhhh!! =.=

Anyway, report card day today 0.o
Nothing to say.
Class teacher obviously still couldn't recognise me =.=
Mum told me, "I won't ask anything wan arh?"
I said, "Yea, kk, sure, don't ask anything, don't even waste your time!"

So we went to the teacher..
And she asked =.=
"Do you have any comment bout my daughter?" =.=''
And teacher's answer... *drum rolls
"Erm, dia.......ok larh."
End of speech =.=
I'm glad I'm leaving school end of this year.
Mum also asked one more question..
"Do you have any advice for my daughter?"
Teacher said...
"Erm, lebih....lebih usaha larh" And she smiles =.=
I wanted to burst out in laughter but that was just too rude to be done xD
You do not wanna know what mum commented bout my teacher on our way out of school xD

One thing for sure, she can't speak English =.=
Mum kept talking to her in English and she kept replying in BM.

Surprisingly my grandmother gave me RM10 cause I scored 5A @.@
I kept saying it's not a good result at all and I sucked badly in studies.
But she kept saying it's more than enough..Awww ^^
One funny question she asked me..
"Ko liao mien khi er teng liao arh?"
LOL! How I wished so xD

Anyway, today's gor's birthday!!!
9th July!!
I remember last year I bought cake for gor ^^
This year i wanted to buy again, gor didn't want =.=
Cause he celebrating tomorrow =)
I so wanna be there xD xD
Please don't cut the cake till I'm back!! Please please please!!
I wanna snap snap snap all the pictures =)

Since I haven't wish him since morning...
So here you are...

Happy Extraordinary Eighteen

to my

crazy-stupiak-nice-caring-sweet-funny-man-leng zai-cool-silly-irritating-annoying-full of humour-tearful gor =x
Too bad I didn't get him anything x_X
Happy birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

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