Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Revival =)
Sat with Vanessa in class =)
Made Moral teacher tegur us indirectly cause we kept talking in class =x
Made BM teacher call me out to answer question cause I ate in class =x
But it was pure FUN!
During PJ, we tied our skirts together xD
And tried to walk xD
She almost fell but thank goodness I caught her =x
Okay, kidding =.=
Then Angela helped us tie the other side and this time, damn hard to walk xD
Stupidity in class x_X
Anyway, practiced drama today. But too bad we did not complete the whole drama.
And, I can't remember any of my line x_X
I only remember "Only one dolar arhhh??!" LOL!
Money-licious me! =P
Moving on...
Today was EST Exhibition competition.
We have 6 people in our group but only 3 turned out.
So, last minute preparation. WITHOUT our original CAR! It's like wth T.T
Thanks to a Uthaya's group for donating their car to us =)
So it was a success =)
After that, Angela, Lynn and I went to Kah Hoe's house for ICE-CREAM PARTY!!! Wee~
Tk tagged along because kah hoe scared he cannot control himself =x
But I have to leave early cause Jes was early.
So I ran to tk's house =x
Yesh, after so long, I'm finally exercising.
Aiishh, wait, the last I exercised was last Saturday =.=
It was really tiring, I have no idea why @.@
Tk was pulling my bag =.=
The Blind leading the Blind =x
Reached tk's house but he's brother not at home!! T.T LAAAA....
After a while, his 1st brother came back.
Woots, his 1st brother support me de lerh ^^
Some more so polite to me worh xD
Then we were still into that me-melodi-kan sajak thingy x_X
Owh yea, after EST exhibition, we had this small choir in the lab =)
It was really fun and entertaining xD
Ok, continue..
Then tk taught me one q of addmaths then we were playing dy =.=
Then anson came..
blah blah blah...
Anson made tk angry =.=
Kesian tk T.T
Haha. X dapat kap lui =x
Nothing much liao.

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