Wednesday, July 01, 2009

An Unplanned Day ^^

Everything unexpected happened today.
Let's begin with the second I woke up.
After bathe, I realised my uniform downstairs.
So I went and get it.
Surprised to see the doors were all opened =.=
Gor and dad left house without even closing the door =.=
And mum was still sleeping upstairs. COOL =.=
Then mum prepared salad for me to bring to school =)
Love you MUM! ^^
Went school, everyone were so into talking about PLKN =.=
Of all people, Gin the Great Monkey was chosen to go. LOL.
And of course she was pretty upset bout it.
The whole gang, exclude me, Angela and Gurvina were talking bout the damn thing =.=
Sheesh, it was very quite annoying.
They were even talking bout it when the national and state anthem were being played.
And the result, got scolding from Pn Rosmaini =P
After that, they still talked bout it like the whole freaking assembly.
It was really really really really frustrating to listen to them complain bout it.
I really thank God when assembly ended =.= Sheesh..
For them, going to PLKN is like walking into their graveyard =.=
Gin even planned to be anorexic to avoid PLKN.
She wanted to commit suicide to avoid PLKN =.=
Anyway, class started with Sivic.
Today I requested to sit beside Tk for some reason =x
Then he kindly read everything that needed to be copied into our notebook for me cause I couldn't see =)
Whoosh, first time see Angela wear spectacles =)
Cute cute cute!! ^^
Class was VERY NOISY as usual.
Out of a sudden, teacher turned around and shouted at the class for being noisy.
She walked out of the class and some people say she cried.
GREAT! Another "Crying Teacher Case" =.=
Every year this will happen =.=
Anyway, so that's how Sivic class ended =)
Then moved on to Maths.
Erm, teacher ask to buat kerja sendiri.
But after that had to check our personal file.
Damn swt larh.
My weight recorded when I was in standard 6 was 50kg!! xP
And my picture kena tear out T.T Sigh.
Blurr blurr-ly tk and me don't know what to do =.=
Then PJ =)
Had nothing to do....
Then Sy go lie to me =(
He go tell me teacher in class dy. Padahal after PJ is recess. ARGHH T.T
Then I go tell everyone to go back class cause got teacher dy dao T.T
Recess =)
Erm, today hunny bunny Pavi was upset.
Who go check for her arh??!!
Ish. Make her cry only T.T
I have no idea how to pujuk her cause I can't think of any points for not going for NS @.@
So I just offer her Chipsmore and salad. But she rejected =(
Sad lerhhhh...
Then I go offer to hui jun and Sheryl and every other people I met @.@
Hui Jun say she can't eat cause her dentist don't know inject what in her gum but ended up taking two ^^
Thanks for helping me finish my cookies =)
Then tk, Angela and I were standing at the garden outside 5 Beta...suddenly got bread FALL FROM SKY!!
LOL!! Unexpected dao!! xD
We just couldn't stop laughing.
After that, all the craziness started xD
I don't know what masa time, suddenly Angela, Lynn, Gin, Pavi, tk and I were all sitting together @.@
Then we sang "THE TK SONG" =P
Suddenly the whole class were looking at us.
Someone actually suggested to teach the whole class xD
Then Lynn, Gin and Vanessa started creating those sperm and oocyte song @.@
Ngeh ngeh ngeh... *grins evil-ly
Here's where the real fun begin!!
TK KENA BULLY by 6 girls!! =P
He go complain to damn many teachers...
2 gave a thumbs up to him and one said "Shame on you!" LOL!
Padan muka =x
He some more make Lynn's finger bleed!
Tk bully Lynn!! =x
Then had Chem in class. First time @.@
Teacher talk damn damn damn soft.
After that bell rang.
Tk, ky, Angela and I went out to have lunch.
TK belanja =)
Thanks ^^
After that all not important dy xD
I step on ky's shoe, he say I press his shoe =.=

Anyway, had a fun day today.
Although most of it was something unexpected =)
Thanks to those around me =)

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