Monday, July 13, 2009

La da da da da.... =)

So today 2 people brought their camera to school but too bad only one worked.
CAUSE one blonde brought a battery-less camera to school =.=
=x =x
LOL! Blonde-ness =x
So the other person was with her camera the whole day =.=
The girl with the camera....BRIGGITA!
And so, no interest grew in me to be in any of the photos, no idea why though.
Started off with Bio.
Wasn't paying attention at all =.=
Looking at those sleepy faces beside me made me even sleepier =.=
Then chemistry. Ohmygoodness.......
Experiment! FUN!
We got our labcoats and started off.
Spent the whole 2 period just for the experiment.
And ladadadada...3 reports to be passed up on Friday T.T
Then recess =)
Thanks Gurv for teman-ing me ^^
Ok larh, I was in ONE of the group photo which might be in facebook =.=
I haven't seen that photo larrrrhhh...
And and Physics lab. A few more silly photos =.=
Speechless...but it was priceless xD
Not paying attention during Physics but camwhoring? wth...
Vanessa, Gin and Lynn were asleep =.=
That one lagi teruk laaaa.. xD
Then had BM.
I admit, I nearly slept off during BM.
I have no idea why. Weather influence xD
The whole class was pretty boring with the flier-less Sree =.=
Damn sweat sia...
Ok, wait! Physics was after BM =.= Just twist and turn the story....
Then sejarah...ohmygosh...couldn't take it anymore.
To make me less sleepy, I took out my sejarah notes and try to complete it xD
Whoosh, that kept me awake till school ended xD

After school the whole PSS gang which consist of all boys =x + one not so boyish Pinky Gay =x
Ky, Cm, Jm, Hj, Yl, Angela, myself and TK xD
We ate and after that split @.@
Ky, Angela, myself and pinky went 7 11 to buy hotwheels car xD
For roller coaster larhhh.. xD
Then tk bully me =.=
He dera me!
He seksa me! =x
Ask me carry his super duper heavy file!
Ask me carry that plastic bag don't know filled with what!
But in the end, I was rewarded half of the Kinder Bueno he bought ^^ Awww, thanks gay! =x
One stupid q he asked today =.=
After a long and tiring walk up to PS, I wanted to drink water...
And he asked...
Eh, go in PS must buka shoe arh??!!
Must merh? =.=
I couldn't drink water after that =.=
Then did addmaths homework.
And saw CM sleeping...awwww ^^ So cute =x
Then back home and slept off...zzz

Now off to doing BM homework T.T
Which the deadline was a few days ago =.=

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