Monday, July 06, 2009

Finding every chance,
finding every moment,
finding every minute and every second,
just to say hi.
The time we lost to be together,
the chances we blew to hold on to each other
Will never be replaced
can never be rewind.

The weird feeling that bloom.
The strange sadness that's deep within.
How I wish I was busier and not so close minded.
It's hard to say that I don't care
when the fact is that I really do.

Say you're sorry
and I'll reply "Oh, I'll be just fine here, please don't worry."
I know I shouldn't be thinking
but my brain just keeps on wondering
......leave it bahhhh....

Anyway, Happy Birthday dear Ginny my beloved Monkey =)
So today we had potluck in school.
Thanks to the organizers and to those that cooperated =)
I ate marshmallows and erm, I don't know what else junk food I ate.

Today BM time teacher keep getting angry.
Wow, our physics teacher can actually make cold joke =.=

Erase erase erase whatever happened....

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