Tuesday, July 28, 2009

School's ENDING!
Oh no.
We still have one month more till trial.
I can't believe Brigs actually finished F4 Chemistry =.=
I haven't even started.

Main thing bout today was...
During sejarah lesson, we were actually talking and thinking back about our "sejarah".
From form 1 till form 3.
Well, we couldn't remember anything that happened last year except the one Hema made Shagee angry =x
It's amazing how much trouble, arguements that led to fights, tears, laughter and success we all went through together.
Pavi's story is so damn funny.
Budak yang kononnya ada standard sekarang xD
The standard of a Jonas Brother =)
We recalled the childishness of form 1 students xD
LOL! The best part was Hema and Shagee.
Hema made Shagee angry and Shagee drag a lil of her table to the side and ignored Hema.
Omgosh, it's super childish!
And how Pavi use to run to and fro just to see 'X'.
How she walked up to me and told me she changed her crush xD
How the rat came out from Hema's bag during f2 =x
And how we all use to get punish by Rasunah just because of the rat =.=
And how the fight happened in class between Syahmi and our sj teacher =.=
How I screamed at Gurv and changed place with Pavi xD

Our memories built are like the uncountable sand on a beach.
No waves,
No wind,
No rain,
Nor sun can wash it or drown them away.
It will always remain there.
Now and forever =)

We all wonder what our future brings us to........off to sleep =)

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