Saturday, July 25, 2009

Again I'm in front of the laptop wasting my life x_X
Went school like normal.
First thing, kena tegur by "The Womb" for going to lab late.
TK, it's my fault T.T Sorry! My bottle larh T.T
Second, Maths teacher angry =.=
That one moodswing de. Nothing to do with us! Trust me =x
After school went lunch with Jian then went to TK's house.
See TW write xD
And he locked me in the kitchen =.=
I was busy with my bottle the whole damn day =.=
Thanks to the knife in tk's house! =P

Started off at 6.30am T.T
Damn early. Just to wake for a useless teknik menjawab BM T.T
Reached school at 7.25am. Lined up and enter hall.
I was just blankly staring at one place.
Other than that, see Pavi's phone. Play with her shoe =x
Some more, keep disturbing her xD
Quite fun geh xD
Then recess.
Time for me to go.
Hunt for Pn Melati. MIA! xD
Then Pavi called her.
Pavi say she sounded like she just finish crying @.@
Then go hall back to ask for permission to go back.
Another DRAMA =.=
Then balik =)
Then bathe, rush dao x_X
Go gome at 10.15, 10.35 leave house x_X
I bathed okay! =P
Reach church and mass began ^^
Omgosh, 2 weddings in 2 weeks, sweet dao ^^
But today...potong steam betul larh!
Kiss side de!! IShh =x
The groom damn nervous jek xD
ANgeline's brother damn cute siaaa.omgosh!
I hope Mabel post his picture in fb. So ngam he look at us when she taking photo xD
Then had lunch in church and chik chak a bit =)
Then went home at 1pm.
Rush again x_X
1.25 leave house x_X
Reach BB, I thought really 1.35 start worship rehearsel, manatau damn early start x_X
PS lerh. Really T.T
After that BB started. Worship damn nice xD
Actually I was damn blurr =.=
But still had fun ^^
Lois fell =x
Walao, I damn bad =x
But really damn cute eh xD
Then after that games started.....
Went dinner with Cm's family.
Ate kajang satay =)
Thanks! =)

A very tiring day.
An exhausting day indeed.
Working together is fun xD
Kay, forgetful me left everything I brought to BB in BB =.=
Se-wet larh!! T.T
Had lotsa fun today =)
Eventhough I did not play ^^
Thanks for the experience =)
Mop floor with Ta damn fun xD
Created a headless mop xD
But damn irritating using that headless mop =.=

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