Sunday, July 12, 2009

2 days passed dy ^^
Friday was pretty syok xD
Evening went for Nic nic's birthday in his house.
Had steamboat but we had to wash the plates =.=
But washing plate with a blonde was nice =x
So then reached home at 12 something and continued partying xD
Gor's party pula..
Ate bbq-ed lamb =)
Mum and I sat by the bbq pit and bbq-ed ourselves some food =)
Then pui-ed Jian talk till 2am ^^

The next morning
Woke up at 9.30am.
Ate breakfast at 10.45am.
Polished and off to BB for song practice.
Song practice started off a bit late.
Without noticing how fast time fly, it was already parade time @.@
Haha. Got a little sick and whooshh...I have no idea what happened after that =x
Then bible class and award giving @.@
I didn't wanna go up on stage to receive my badges cause I scared I might puke or faint =x
Haha. But I was lucky all my negative imagination did not come to reality x_X
Thank God for that =)
And I got promoted.
Same goes to Lasilaham.
Grats gor! =)
So then drill. Sheeessh, couldn't drill of course =.=
Hear tk command =)
Funny ka? LOL =x
I asked him why he not in U.
He say his U bigger dy.
Then after that he told me that his breast bigger dy, can't wear his small U =.=
Then got squad activity.
We welcomed Pui San into our squad with BB welcome song xD
Chun-ted xD
Then dad came early =.=
So balik lorh T.T
I have no idea why I didn't go for mass @.@
Okay, everything happened so fast that I have no idea why everything happened so fast =.=

The next day!

Melvin Lim's BIRTHDAY!! =)

Yup, yup, yuppidee yup! =)
So woke up early in the morning...VERY EARLY =x
Haha. Then got ready and went out at 10.30am =)
Headed to Midvalley and the rest of the story is a mystery =)
Woots, it rhymes!
Unlike Mabel's sms =x
Off to finishing my pathetic addmaths homework =.=
Sigh. Deadline is tomorrow and I haven't even started.
Grats to me =.=

Btw, cats are cuter than dogs =)

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