Thursday, July 23, 2009

Like what Angela wrote in her msn pm : "It was a HELL OF A DAY"

Which 5 Alfa student wouldn't agree on that?
Morning started off great.
Fabulous, indescribably fabulous instead.
Everyone had the eager to do well in the well prepared script.
Well, that's what everyone assumed.
I guess here's where the phrase do not assume comes in.
And so, the practice for the drama started immediately when I entered the class.
Everyone were so excited bout both their roles and also costume.
Okay, seriously I was blurring =.= As usual =.=
Morning blurness xD
Everything was going so well that no one would expect an error.
It was till before BM.
I don't know why, noises increase equals to temperature increase causing temper to increase xD
Okay, lame =.=
So we decided to cut short everything...
Well, okay for that.
Okay, blahh, I can't remember anything here other than me being addicted to Ija's medicine =.=
Se-wet! xD

After BM, everyone basically scattered around because it was a few minutes before recess.
So all the actors went MIA =.=
Temper rises AGAIN!
After a while...the whole scenary turn totally WRONG.
Angela got scared =x
I was weirdly calm. I have no idea why.
I already expected this to happen because of the amount of noise pollution made x_X
But it just went so wrong that no one can ever imagine it.
Skip till Bio.
The whole drama rehearsel went on with spontaneous script and ENDED!
Phew, like finally, an ending =)

Bio time.
Everyone were pretty exhausted.
Especially Lynn. Haiz.
The back table which consist of mostly girls, ky and bj were not paying any attention at all =.=
But I was annoyed by ky =.=
He keeps on disturbing Angela =.=
Like for goodness sake, let her rest larh dude!
Angela had headache, Brigs had every sickness I knw @.@
Gin was blabbing off with bj.
Lynn and Vanessa was at the back-er table resting.
And, Irfanah was....errr, staring at her fingernails @.@ LOL!
So teacher ask us to do some thingy. I have no idea wth was that.
And the drama started.
Shocked, scared, I don't know what was that feeling.
It took 5 Alfa a long time to realise that someone FAINTED =.=
How I noticed?
She was beside me. Sigh.
Thanks to the first aiders in our class, especially the St Johns =)
It's just damn sudden.
And it was seriously emotional k!
Like what Lynn said.
If there was a camera man in our class, spying on every single action of our class student.
I CAN REALLY BET that we would win an award!
Everyone in class were basically worried to death by that fainted girl, but there were, I have no idea what to call them, selfish? I don't know.
Maybe I shouldn't mention bout them.

There was a lot of lesson that many of us learnt today.
Of course we must help those in need right?
We don't fight for glory alone when our friend is in need of us.
While writing this blog, I have flashbacks on what happened in Bio lab.
It was shocking, seriously.

I can't imagine or picture, what would happen tomorrow.
I'm still worried bout Spongebob =.= Like wth larh.
I think she would understand. Right?
I wonder what reactions I would see tomorrow when I enter class.
Hmm, won't be seeing Angela and CM tomorrow.
How we all wish time can be rewind and we can all sit down and discuss everything peacefully.

Thanks again to Kah Hoe for treating us ice-cream again.
Too bad Lynn can't be there.
Thanks to some idiot =x
And tk's phone is with me =.=
He too tired of his "children's" attitude that he forgot he gave his phone to me when he wanna carry stuffs =.=

Signing off....

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