Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Let's all go A.S xD
School was pretty boring today, as usual if you're in an A.S mode xD

English lesson is always boring....cause I do not participate in the class at all =x
Schooldays are the best time in life?
Who said?
Schooldays are so so boring.
You get ignored in class.
You go for recess alone.
You talk to no one but the desk.
And no one pretty much cares bout what you feel nor wants.
You listen to people backstab bout the others a lot.
You gotta tolerate with immature people.
And all those pressure because of the so exam based education ministries that are trying to kill teenagers and children!
Homework that piles up in a short amount of time and projects rushed to be finish just so that teachers will not get scolded by the headmaster/headmistress.
Unfair punishment and scoldings and not advice when you do a silly mistake.
Influence from negative friends, opening a wider world of negative social activities for you.
Teachers that are just so irrational and have serious moodswings.

On the other hand, yes, I do agree that sometimes, some things or occasion that make you feel that schooldays are indeed the best time of our life...like..

Hanging out with friends and doing what ALL of us love to do and are interested in doing.
Going for school trips together with friends and teachers.
Celebrating birthdays planned by EVERYONE.
Just chilling out in the classroom talking bout jokes and old grandmother stories =)
All those sweet MEMORIES.

Yep, memories. It seldom happen nowadays. Reasons? Undefined.
It just doesn't happen.
Maybe to some, it happens.
Main reason is that they have common interest and a lot to share about.
Others? They just go to school, study like they're suppose to and go home.

Plain yet unique.
Home is better than school.
Loneliness not felt at home but in school.
Social skill fading slowly behind those curtains.
Going A.S somehow is niceeee =)

The bond has been loosen again.
I wonder what will stick it back together.
Since nobody is doing anything.
I might not take any action.
Afraid the thread might just break.

It's weird how I stand right in front of you.
But I just don't know what to say.
I use to speak so much to you that we didn't wanna be apart.
But now..
It's just silence between me and you.
There's nothing to be shared,
Nothing to be spoken about.
There's just nothing in common bout us anymore.
I feel like you're from another world,
A world filled with imaginations and dreams..
And me..
I'm just from a reality world just wanting to seek out who my real friends are.

Whatever happened, memories will remain as memories, whether it is sweet, bitter, sour or just tasteless....

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