Thursday, June 04, 2009

I am AWAKE!!

It is now 9.43am. Today is the beginning of my HOLIDAY!! Woots! =)
How Teck Kien!! Mana luu??! =(
Ask people come online awal pagi but I don't even see you online!
Babi Lasilaham-tua-dumbo-defenseless-gay! =x
Woots, I'm extra happy this morning. heh!
Why lerh why lerh?
Cause I got down on the CORRECT side on the bed ^^
Anyway, has been waking up at 6.30am for the pass few days.
I forgot to blog bout yesterday =.=
Nothing much yesterday.
Woke at 6.30am.
Cm's mum came at 7.30am.
Then go pick up one aunty and off to school =)
Reach school, Bilik Guru lock =.=
Then saw Maha. I kena tegur =.= Swt larh.
As usual, last minute work sure not complete de larh.
No pictures and passport size picture. Sigh.
Cm and I bought breakfast outside school and ate at opposite church there.
Then song practice started.
Walao, damn cold lerh yesterday morning =)
Anyway, sorry to my Big Didi T.T SORRY!
Song practice ended and went home.
Damn sleepy eh that time.
Ate maggie mee ^^ After so long dy =)
Then I went on Youtube to search for the video Sir Vinod intro-ed.
Haha, that guy kinda funny. But not really really really funny!
Then ANTM-ed!! ^^
Too bad no leng luii and no pro's =.=
Watch till kinda sien. And no huge girl fights like all the seasons before.
Gin, if you miss this season, it doesn't really matter also. It's kinda boring zzz
So after that I went to bed =) At 5pm =.=
Woke up at 6.45pm. Felt like sleeping back cause had a terrible slight headache xD

Memories building up upon a hard concrete wall.
I hope it never breaks or crack.

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