Saturday, June 06, 2009

Get a LIFE! =P

First and foremost,
Anson Lim GET A LIFE!
Blogging is not wasting time.
It's called memories written down and SHARING with others! =P
You selfish lamo! =P

Gosh, weather is killing!
You get into the bathroom to bathe and come out realising that you've just came out from "sungai peluh" =.=
Anyway, today BB kinda tiring x_X
Wow, I didn't do anything and I'm complaining that I'm tired =.=

Grats to Ban Kok for successfully becoming a song leader =)
His first time is way better than mine.
Maybe you really need to be charismatic to get on stage. Sigh, just what I don't have.
Moving on...
Bible class.
Two way communication ^^
Halfway kena panggil keluar.
Basically missed half of Bible class and the whole of Computer Knowledge class.
Someone! Please tell me what ya'll learn kay =)
This time, I'm gonna pass up my homework like EARLY! xD
Then went around looking for my lost bag.
Haha. Lynn say with Jes.
But finally Anson walk to me holding my bag x_X
After that had drill.
Today gabung. Like why?? 0.o
Had squad activity after that.
Squad 5 fun eh =x
All small small, active active and cute cute members there xD
Combined with them today =)
Cause our squad leader and assistant didn't come =(
Today our squad got Cm, Bk, May San ^^, Tk, Ks, and me nia.
Today I help May San with her belt =x LOL.
As usual, went home early =(
Straight to bathroom as usual.
Then went church.
But today different.
Cause I was freaking exhausted T.T
Today had a priest from Sacred Heart church =)
Woots, today Daniel Jude be commentator xD LOL!
His voice LOL.
So not clear xD
But omgosh, he's so tall =.=

Anyway, after that we rushed home for one freaking lame reason =x
Then I was rushing up to my my room.
I go kick the stairs =.=
Not the stairs, the last step, THE WALL! ='(
Pain dao!
Some more want go out dy got phone call =.=
Then rush rush rush...
Go Cheras Awana eat.
Eat dao 9.30 =.=
Damn many funny things happen =.=
But all kinda lame.
I go wujudkan a taman call Taman I don't Know =.=
Anyway, I hate cockroach =.=
Then back home =)

Another memory crafted on the concrete wall =)
5th June ^^ No wait, exact a bit, 6th June =x

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