Monday, June 29, 2009

Tomorrow is someone's birthday ^^
Read back my last year post and you shall know whose birthday it is =)
It was like just yesterday that we prepared sandwiches.
Gosh, see how fast time flies.

Btw, mum keep saying that I have H1N1 =.=
Should I continue skipping school? =P
I wish I can. xD
Would love to =D
But I don't think it is larhh.
So, I will be going to school tomorrow.

2 more days and here comes July =)
Gin the Great Monkey's birthday is COMING =P

I'm freaking bored now cause I am super lazy to complete any of my homework and super lazy to do any other thing than blogging =P

The world is not gonna end.
There will be a cure for every problem, every sickness and every sadness =)
You just gotta stay strong and believe in yourself =)

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