Monday, June 22, 2009

I am here! Semangat-ly TRYING to blog =.=
I can barely remember anything from school.
Other than cute cute cute cute Pavi that hugged me when I went near her and baby Angela that was so freaking cute after she finish crying ^^
I only remember those crying babies. Haha.
Pathetic brain of mind.
Can't even store a bit of memories to be shared.

Anyway, I'll try to remember as much as I can @.@
Started off with assembly right?
Was freaking sleepy larh.
I was sleeping during assembly.
Then had taklimat for those going for Integrasi Camp =)
So basically I missed 1/4 of Bio class =.=
Woots, add marks!
I can't remember what happen during Bio class =.=
After Bio was Chem =.=
How pathetic is our time table. Sigh.
I was freaking bored during Chem!
Cause I didn't bring that holiday package thingy.
*Not that I did it =x
Ky and Teck Kien did some stupid lame experiment with the pen cap =.=
None of us (at the back table) were paying attention at what teacher was discussing about @.@
I was really really really restless =.=
Kay, then for no reason we talked bout menopause @.@
Eh wait, that was during bio @.@
LOL. Cause tk claims to have osteoporosis =.=
Kay, what so ever!
RECESS! My favourite subject! =P
Tk ask me help him buy food. I ask him what he want me to buy.
He reply "I don't know" =.=
So end up, I didn't buy anything for him.
Mana tau I reach class he go scold me T.T
Then I shouted back at him..
"You told me you want to eat I-don't-know!
I went canteen, the kakak ask me what I wanna buy, I said I want I-don't-know!
The kakak say here x jual I-don't-know!" =.=
After recess had BM right? 0.o
Add marks =)
Then went for oral check =.=
But end up didn't do anything.
So Angela, Brigs and I skipped half of physics =.=
We entered blurr-ly.
And I did nothing.
Then Irfanah gave me a nice massage. Damn nice! =)
After that was erm, sejarah @.@
Well, I guess that's it larh for schooling hours =)

After that we picnic-ed in 7-11 =)
Thanks to Cm for this idea.
We bought drugs maggi mee and sat in 7-11 to eat @.@
Each of us bought two packet =.=
I feel damn guilty for going for duty late T.T
It's like damn late. 3 something only enter PS eh!!
Arghh..but at least we did something larh =)
I tebus-ed back my kesalahan ^^
Then went back.

....can't remember all but at least some =)
Thanks tk, for reminding me!

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