Friday, June 05, 2009

Holiday =.=

The holidays are erm boring-plus-fun =)
Just finish my back-to-back movies xD
Morning started with Camp Rock, then to Monster vs Alien (Yes, I watched it several times already but I still find it funny xD), then Bride Wars and then Hotel for Dogs! =)

Next week will be kinda a tight schedule. Yea.
Monday I hope we'll have that discussion =) Heh.
Tuesday I hope I'll go for camp =)
Thursday I hope I'll be back safely =)
And friday...well, I don't know what to expect xD

Anyway, weekends are here.
So that means, bye bye to the first week of holidays.
So far, what I did?
Yea, I completed Maths, English and EST holiday PACKAGE =.=
YESh! =)
Still got Bio, Chem, Phy and Addmaths. Ouch, homeworks.
Ikky, Yikky, Yucky stuffs that are called HOMEWORKS =(
But i still will finish it =)
Cause it's the only thing that has become a reminder to me that SPM is coming. Sigh.

I'm definitely blessed =)

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